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General Chat/Anything Goes

Men and there age.

Men and there age. (4) - Forums [Biker Match] Men and there age. (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Men and there age.

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Personally I think you should be proud of every wrinkle, scar,etc. It shows you've lived. Riding a bike(even without a paper round), is a lot tougher than driving around in a sitting room on wheels.

One problem that men and women have is that similar aged people like actors, singers, celebs, have a lot of surgery, botox, gruelling exercise regimes, before they dare appear on screen, or for a photo shoot. Has anyone seen those recent pics of Daniel Craig, for example? If you want Tom Cruise to check out your profile, probably wrong site.

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Deleted Member @ 24/10/2018 14:43  

Just for the record, there’s many a good ride on an old bike 😉

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Deleted Member @ 24/10/2018 14:55  

I think it's been mentioned on here before, but you do get the impression that some people want a younger model. It probably says more about their own vanity. Now where's my Tom Cruise mask!

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Deleted Member @ 24/10/2018 16:00  

Many an old bike, even cosmetically challenged ones, run rings around the younger, sleeker models 😉

My excuse is I've wrung everything out of life, 🤔 or is it, Life has wrung everything out of me 🙄 I keep forgetting!

If I were for sale on eBay I think the description would be something like 'Packaging damaged but contents in good working order'. 🙄

Have had a good laugh at this thread 👍

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Deleted Member @ 24/10/2018 17:03  

Oh, i SO wish i'd seen this posting before it got worn

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jinx57 @ 24/10/2018 19:25  

Hate to be pedantic,but THEIR Age,not THERE age,please.......and i'm 61 and 1/2.....see profile for more info,lol :)>

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jinx57 @ 24/10/2018 19:34  

WML 🤣at Jinx' comment


Quote: Jinx
Oh, i SO wish i'd seen this posting before it got worn

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Sandi @ 24/10/2018 20:29  

Yeah yeah whatever !!!!! I'm not the one down our road who never goes out, any night of the week, can be seen cleaning windows, hanging the washing out, sweeping the drive etc and watching soaps every night. My point being that some people may be physically older but do LOTS, as I do. Yet many younger people seem to think that life consists of sitting in a chair and waiting to die. eg Attend the Hallowistmas or watch X factor ? I know what my money is on.

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VFR800AJ @ 25/10/2018 16:39  

Does sweeping the towpath count 😂😂😂🤣🤣🤣 pmsl

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Deleted Member @ 25/10/2018 17:20  

Blimey suzi take you some time to sweep toe path lol long walk and you've got to carry a broom

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GL Blue @ 25/10/2018 18:35  

Lmfaooo.... I ride my broom GL 🤣🤣🤣🤣😂😂😂😋😋👻👻👻 its got vance and hines pipes 😝💓

Hahahaha 😀 I've got leaves at bottom the steps into boaty..... It's autumn..... I think I may just concrete over towpath eh 😊 😊

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 25/10/2018 18:49  

Me too Suzi, I only use my broom for trips out at night lol... yeah watch them leaves I would imagine that could be so dangerous on an entrance to a boat!!! Stay safe but don't be sweeping the whole bloomin towpath lol x

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Lulu7 @ 25/10/2018 18:55  

Hey Suzi n Dee ain't got a back seat on your brooms never been on a broom before lol.

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GL Blue @ 25/10/2018 18:58  

Lol lol Dee I'll see ya tonight fer a wee spin on the brooms 😀😀 ⛤ 👻

I don't really sweep towpath or leaves I love em 😍😍 I've git carpet on my steps so not at all slippy and the leaves stay crisp and dry on the boat ciz the fire heat or engine heat chick so no worries here xx

GL you can borrow a broom and we'll race ya 😎😎🤗

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Deleted Member @ 25/10/2018 19:23  

Suzi try anything once.

   Update Reply
GL Blue @ 25/10/2018 20:05  

Oh that's good to know Suzi, was just thinking about how slippy blooming wet leaves are, never realised the engine would dry 'em out like that, nice one!

P.S Jinxy you aren't being pedantic, it is called 'correction of a spelling mistake' but woe betide you if you do it nowadays so many of the 'waiting-to-be-offended brigade' really do get over offended and apply Godwin's law lol

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 25/10/2018 20:21  

Perhaps it was meant as "There,There...."..?? ;)>

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 25/10/2018 20:32  

Hahahahaha 😂 😂 😂 pmsl Jinxy..... Yess.... And here's ya hot coco

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 25/10/2018 20:35  

Yes!!!! Lol x

Shit.. wrong thread/post/text ffs lol, so many social media accounts I is/am replying to, that ma wee head's away wi it ;)

Who ever generalised that women multi task obvs have never met me x

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 25/10/2018 20:37  

@GL Broom.... broom... !!! :)

   Update Reply
Lulu7 @ 25/10/2018 20:43  

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