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Sorry, didn't see you mate

Sorry, didn't see you mate - Forums [Biker Match] Sorry, didn't see you mate - Forums [Biker Match]
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Sorry, didn't see you mate

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When this car driver got up that morning they were just a numpty as always, but with the snow came super powers that turned them into a 5th Dan F**kwit of the First Water.

Good job the bus driver was alert, skilled, calm and had that smidgen of luck we all need from time to time.

As for the bloke in the car filming it, I guess the stains will wash out in time.

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Deleted Member @ 02/03/2018 15:27  

This has been put on fb and entitled. Drifting bus driver even colin McRae would be proud of lol

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Serenhondacbr splodge @ 02/03/2018 19:12  

Woohoo! What a bus ride that was, excellent manoeuvre.

I glad it wasn't me in the van with that thing gliding towards me.😱 I think my language skills in that situation would have been far worse 😂

Total respect. 👍

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Lindsay @ 02/03/2018 19:46  

Good on that woman bus driver, funny how the mainstream media never mention she is female (unless she crashes of course) .... Media c****s xx

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Deleted Member @ 02/03/2018 22:01  

Why should a drivers sex have anything to do with there driving. We are all equal so there should be nothing amazing if a woman does it?

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Deleted Member @ 03/03/2018 11:04  

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