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Shy profile writer

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Having never engaged on a site like this I’m feeling a little shy about writing my profile !
Shyness is totally out of character for me & ive actually put on my profile that I’m just looking for friends & not a relationship when in fact after a 20 year marriage was ended last year I am feeling lonely and yes do miss male company ( if you know what I mean !! )
I viewed other members profiles for ideas on what to write - will what I’ve written effect the contacts I make?
Question is - Who else hasn’t filled in their profile with 100% honesty - or is it just me ????

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Bobbinz @ 14/02/2018 06:18  

Good thing is you can alter your profile whenever you wish - I cant say how others judge a profile, depends on what they are seeking I imagine. One thing I do know is that too many 'Tell You Later' (fields left empty) responses will mean your profile will not receive the same exposure as those that have completed them...
So, no need to jump in all guns blazing - lol - just enjoy the site.

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Deleted Member @ 14/02/2018 08:55  

Hi and welcome to the site!

Well you did absolutely the right thing to post in the forums. I would trust more what someone posts here that on their profile. Not only can forum posts not be edited (after 15 minutes) but it allows you to get a better feel of someone's character, rather than what they want to say about themselves in a profile.

You can make your profile and open and honest as you like, or as vague and general as you like. You can just fill out the basics for now and then go back later to say more about yourself. It really doesn't matter.

Just enjoy the site, get to some of our events in Spring/Summer and meet lots of nice new friends via BM. Possibly/probably also someone you really enjoy spending time with and that will grow into something more. It's worked for thousands of people already

Ride safe

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Matt @ 14/02/2018 09:22  

I think it does affect things.
Like every other dating site (though this one is social too..), pictures always draw us in, but words make us want to stay and find out more. It's all very well looking at photos and thinking ' I want to snog the face off him/her ', but then you also want someone you can enjoy doing all those normal, mundane, silly, things that need clothes on too.
It's like Jo Guest (anyone remember her?) - I thought she was the most perfect woman on Earth, then she opened her mouth and I heard her speak. I couldn't have spent 5 minutes with her after that.
So yes – I think words and hopes and intentions matter. And maybe foretell the character of a person too.

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Deleted Member @ 14/02/2018 09:22  

Hi Bobbinz, Matt got it in one. It's much better chatting to folk on here, meeting up at events etc than relying solely on what's written on a profile. Sadly there is a tiny amount of folk who will blatantly ignore what you put anyway and will still message/pester you even if you put ' Seeking nobody' or 'Attached' so be aware ;) On the whole though there are some really wonderful folk on here and you will make some friends for life and perhaps meet someone special too, so enjoy the site and good luck 😁 x

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Deleted Member @ 14/02/2018 11:50  

Thanx everyone
I’m going to change my profile...
I am just unsure, wanting to get out & about again - maybe finding someone special for a laugh etc., Life’s too short 👍🏻

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Bobbinz @ 14/02/2018 13:02  

Profile changed - feel a tad vulnerable but - nothing ventured / nothing gained !

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Bobbinz @ 14/02/2018 23:01  

Well done, profile is spot on.
Photos are ace, IOM & Scotland, new helmet choice is class, tat looks sore! (but cool).

So, here is a suggestion to dwell on; in these SO politically correct times, I did think of requesting a 'Ladies Only' forum or topic for some of the very reasons that have been suggested here... TTFN

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Deleted Member @ 15/02/2018 03:04  

Agree with Ducat there. Your profile reads well. I didn't know what to put either, other than no lies!
I'm new to this malarkey, and very wary, but the free membership allowed me to see that there are clearly some very genuine folk here. Calendar's filling up with events too so hope to meet up with fellow members soon. Enjoy the site and hopefully you'll make a lot of new friends.

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NotPhilMitchell @ 15/02/2018 14:31  

Hey Bobs....... This a good way of getting everyone to check your profile.... 😂 😂 😝😝😝 teeheehee
Hey yoyr profile is spot on, nowt wrong with it at all. Just listen to your gut instincts coz even online you get tgat 'sense' so let that guide you and don't be pushed into any meetings you have any doubt about. But you probably know all this already chick x

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Deleted Member @ 16/02/2018 17:00  

Don't know about others but know what you mean about missing the company. Not so sure about this new Internet world of meeting people and possibly dating again.

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Deleted Member @ 23/02/2018 18:19  

I agree with panuno , the profile pic is the first thing that you see - and we are all only human so some of us may be immediately attracted to a particular person or quite the opposite . This does not mean that you need a perfect , posing profile pic but it can be the starting point to encourage people to venture further and try and suss out what you're about.
( no hope for me then ! )
Ultimately though it's about meeting people in the flesh , so to speak , ( no pun intended !)
We can get a jist of a persons character etc. but nobody can be judged on their profile alone.
We are all happy people and we love you !!! So don't worry !
Or even happy and nutty like me . ( look deeeeep into my profile and what do you see ? )
All the best and don't come off your bikes.

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Stu69 @ 26/02/2018 19:59  

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