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Passing motorists dragged a biker away from a crashed motorcycle moments before it burst into flames.

Witnesses described how hero passers-by stopped their cars to help after seeing the man on the ground near the crashed vehicle.

The motorbike and car collided with each other on Lees Street, near Middleton Junction , on Tuesday morning.

The 58-year-old biker was conscious and breathing, and was taken to hospital with injuries to his arms and legs.

One of the heroes, Paul Stokes, who stopped in his car to help two other passers-by lift the biker to safety.

Recalling the incident, the 45-year-old from Heywood , said: “I was in the car driving with my 11-year-old daughter when I saw the motorbike on fire.

“I pulled up and ran over. I told everybody to get out onto the other side of the street.

“There were a couple of people with him and he was about eight feet away from the bike.

“I went to help them move him to the other side of the road. I was mostly conscious that we needed to get him away from the fire.

“It’s good to see people help in a dangerous situation. I didn’t really think about it – it was just a natural reaction.

“The fire was raging, there was lots of smoke. We brought him to safety. It’s what anybody should do.”

Des Thorpe, owner of HT Tooling Solutions, was at work when he saw the fire from his window.

He said: “I heard a motorbike going past quite loudly down the road.

“When I looked out the window, he was lying on the floor in front of his motorbike. The motorbike immediately caught fire.

“The ambulance and fire brigade arrived really quickly. The help that the guy got from the passersby who moved him was impressive.

“The bike was in a massive ball of flames.”

One fire crew from Oldham was sent to the scene and the blaze was put out using a hose reel, a fire service spokeswoman confirmed.

It seems that there a still heroes out there, just seems they are few and far between. Hats of to them!

Hope the biker concerned makes a good recovery.

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Lindsay @ 29/11/2017 00:55  

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