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"Nods" lists are back!

"Nods" lists are back! (3) - Forums [Biker Match] "Nods" lists are back! (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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"Nods" lists are back!

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Matt, how about changing the nod to a note? As in, 'just a note to say I like your profile, if you like mine please get in touch'?
Saves folk sending a longer message , especially if that longer message isn't replied to.

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Sandi @ 29/08/2018 22:51  

If you done that It wouldn't be a nod and if you sent a note, why not just sent a PM?

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Ragnar @ 29/08/2018 23:03  

I use nod as an acknowledgement of a view or an interesting profile/great photo's.

It's not necessarily an expression of the need to chat/pm. If I feel the need to do either I use the chat room/forums/PM.

Stutts you lucky geezer ... 😉👍

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Lindsay @ 29/08/2018 23:32  

Any will do me

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stutts @ 30/08/2018 16:50  

I agree with stutts any way to meet new friends/riding buds works for me
Just sent you a nod stutts to save you time

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bmwkev @ 03/09/2018 09:54  

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