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How do I approach the mysterious biker girl in the

How do I approach the mysterious biker girl in the (3) - Forums [Biker Match] How do I approach the mysterious biker girl in the (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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How do I approach the mysterious biker girl in the

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50! They must be so fat they cant get out.

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Deleted Member @ 23/11/2017 18:32  

This is worse than waiting for Jeremy Clarkson to die......;)

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 23/11/2017 18:45  

No news yet. Sorry, I keep missing her, my timing has been a bit lousy but the last couple of days I've caught the bus past the dentist at around 8.10 I've noticed she has just pulled up so I think I've now worked out when I need to be there. Mornings are probably better. I don't want to approach her in the evenings when its dark and I might accidentally startle or alarm her. I've not given up hope.

   Update Reply
New2Biking @ 24/11/2017 00:33  

Good luck, hope u get the timing right you don’t wanna be loitering or hiding around the corner watching for her to arrive lol

   Update Reply
She11 @ 24/11/2017 11:53  

any more news,

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 29/11/2017 16:12  

For heaven's sake man! I will have to swap sides and ask her for you at this rate!
Seriously - remember you want to interact with a person, another human being. She is not made of glass. Just imagine you are wanting to make a new friend and see where it goes from there. And good luck :)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/11/2017 14:16  

Also hope she's had her breakfast and a coffee or she might be grumpy in the morning. I know I would be :-D
Sorry don't mean to put you off, just pulling your leg.
Good luck and keep us all posted.

Or better yet, try your luck on BikerMatch. Just look how many lovely lasses are following your forum topic now! hehe

   Update Reply
Matt @ 30/11/2017 14:40  

Nearly a MONTH now!!!

We might as well have a meet up in Glossop at this rate ;-)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 30/11/2017 14:50  

Leave a note, it's worked for me in the past. Good luck!!

   Update Reply
Anitaa @ 30/11/2017 18:18  

Hi Anitaa - welcome to the forums!

   Update Reply
Matt @ 30/11/2017 19:06  

No biker would ever pass up the opportunity to have a quick chat about their bike. Keep the first chat about the bike and then the next time you see her ask a couple more things and then maybe a quick drink to chat or something simular. Good luck either way

   Update Reply
Natt112 @ 30/11/2017 19:15  

She may well be on here...... 😉!!! why don't you just do your cbt.... Or at least book it and that way you'll have something to talk about a bit. I would say being a lass who had taken the time out to do her test or at least lessons she will like a guy who goes out there and does his own test instead of wanting a woman to take him out....... Just my opinion.... And also if I read all this about me it would freak me ..... You need to talk to her now or is getting weird and I think you should delete this post!!!!

   Update Reply
xSuzix @ 30/11/2017 20:56  

Well, I've only finally gone and done it. Who was it suggested I used the words "Hey, nice bike"? It worked a treat. Thanks for your suggestions:-) The conversation kind of just flowed from there. You were right, she was more than happy to talk all things "bike". So the ice has been finally broken and we chatted for a couple of minutes. It wasn't as scary as I thought it would be. She was really nice and I found out in our brief encounter that she has just passed her test. Big smile from her when I congratulated her. Thinking I should drop off a well done for passing your test card at her workplace, leave my number inside, say meet up in the new year and see what happens. Or would that be overkill?

   Update Reply
New2Biking @ 18/12/2017 18:51  

Ahhh result!! Lol I reckon that’s a nice thing to do. Go for it

   Update Reply
She11 @ 18/12/2017 19:27  

Nah...too detached. Save the flowers and cards for later.....
You've cased the joint...checked the right the bus sequences past 'hi'...
Build up the rapport with another chat.
Ask more stuff. Keep it brief, thinking about stuff like local popular rideouts...does she go or want to go to a local bike night...mention how you're keen to get involved too..develop some common ground :)

My finger nails are sore....

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 18/12/2017 20:17  

Blimey, I'm impressed N2B, see I was right a simple way to start the conversation. Let's hope it's one of many more! 😁

I wouldn't personally go for the card but that is your call.

Pleased you took your brave pills n finally spoke. We were planning on a Glossop Rideout and reccie to spot the lady in question in order to do the deed for ya 😉

Good luck and keep us all posted. 👍

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 20/12/2017 07:44  

Very encouraged by the feedback. The brave pills had quite a sweet aftertaste. Thanks everyone. Just a dilemma now. It's a 50-50 split it seems between drop that note/card or not. First two replies were for, second two suggesting I shouldn't. I guess I should try the Alan Sugar approach and go with my gut instinct?

   Update Reply
New2Biking @ 21/12/2017 00:14  

N2B - I’m with Nickscafe on this one, another casual chat required....although a Christmas card wouldn’t hurt x’s tho !!

   Update Reply
Openspaces @ 21/12/2017 08:22  

Done. I’ve dropped off a Christmas card and a separate congratulations card as I could not decide but thought I had to seize the moment. Hope it’s not overkill and that she forgives me for spelling her name slightly wrong.

   Update Reply
New2Biking @ 22/12/2017 16:27  

I didn't leave any kisses in either card. Just a couple of smiley faces, wished her Happy Trails in the congratulations card and left my phone number saying if she wanted to meet up over a coffee that would be awesome.

   Update Reply
New2Biking @ 22/12/2017 23:53  

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