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General Chat/Anything Goes

Christmas day :-)

Christmas day :-) (4) - Forums [Biker Match] Christmas day :-) (4) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Christmas day :-)

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Well Im working in between Xmas and New Year so only having the statutory days off this year. Decided to just have a quiet time at home, chilling in front of tv, eating and drinking like many others...............spending time with family at some point although leaving it up to them as dont want to impose on their plans and put unnecessary pressure on them for what is after all, just a couple of days off work lol! Would like to think Id get out on bike but weather dictates due to alot of chrome and even more cleaning lol! Have a good one BM friends whatever you're doing...............Xmas is only once a year but it can often be a difficult sad and lonely time for many people and a real ordeal! tc and enjoy whatever you do even if it's staying in bed lol!x

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babyharley @ 14/12/2009 18:06  

Two years on, a few firsts I'm having my kids, Sophie and Tom all Christmas day for the first time in three years, then we are going up to Rusty's for another Christmas day, going to be lovely

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Nutkin68 @ 14/12/2009 18:48  

Going to mum and dads cook them breckie,take dog for long walk,back to mums for dinner,go out on bike as roads are empty,prob do the same as craig hot flask and chill out somwhere for a bit

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sumodwarf @ 14/12/2009 20:26  

I'll be up early, fill the car with pressies and a 7 piece drum kit. Round to ex's to open them with my youngest two. Mother getting dropped off by brother for dinner, eldest three sons turn up for tea then it's back to mine for a party that goes on till the last man stands then up Boxing Day morning for a whisky and cigar breakfast then we party all day till the early hours. I love Xmas, it's the best time of the year

On a bit of a somber note it's sad to see so many peeps spending the day alone

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RustyKnight @ 14/12/2009 21:59  

Well this xmas will be a quiet one for me, to start with it will be just me and my youngest daughter, we are gonna have brekky in bed (im cookin) then just chill for a bit, then wen my eldest and her boyfreind get here we will all open pressis, eat dinner and just do wot ever we feel like doing. It will seem strange to not have a house full of people this year tho, but as long as every1 is happy I will be happy as well

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drobess @ 14/12/2009 22:28  

I'll be working nights. xmas eve and xamas day, dont mind though as daughter was wanting to stay at her boyfriends, and as long as she is happy and sorted,is all that matters will, weather permitting nip out on the bike, if only to go for some dinner at the parents,

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uglyducklin @ 14/12/2009 22:33  

Well i should be away sking over Christmas if i get a late booking. Most of the ski resorts make an effort over chrisy and they look real good, with all the snow it's quite magically.

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Bikeabill @ 15/12/2009 03:31  

Hope your'e not planning to fly with BA Bill !!!!!!

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anneka56 @ 15/12/2009 10:04  

Nothing planned yet. But if the weather is nice i'll go for a ride. I did this 3 or 4 years ago and it was fantastic. The roads were dead. Absolutly no traffic.

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timhall @ 15/12/2009 22:46  

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