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Christmas day :-)

Christmas day :-) - Forums [Biker Match] Christmas day :-) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Christmas day :-)

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Just wondering what traditions or new ideas you all have for this Christmas day ? I usually get dive-bombed in bed about half five in the morning by Sophie and Tom, and their respective santa sacks! We always sit in my bed and open their presents, lots of ooohhs and ahhhhhs, how did santa know ( Sophie gives me lots of winks, she's in on the secret now !) then go down to crack open the Bucks Fizz and I toast the day! Then comes the start of trying to open packaging, sore fingers, lost scissors and much building, for most of the morning! We usually spend the day in our pj's too, wearing santa hats and silly slippers, and grazing when we feel like it.

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Nutkin68 @ 06/12/2007 05:05  

Hi Nutkin,hope your feeling better.I always go for a ride christmas day [if the weathers good] no cops about so a good time for speed testing! If I get pulled and breathalised-thats OK cuz I dont drink.

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iggypup @ 06/12/2007 05:13  

Christmas is gonna be completely different for me this year.

My first christmas without my daughter but.......

My first christmas with Blue and the twosome

heard a rumour about a big red bow tho

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Deleted Member @ 06/12/2007 05:31  

Christmas is never the same 2 years in a row - so no traditions Will hopefully have my 2 eldest boys with for Christmas day though, with the full works for dinner That'll do for me

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stueylewie @ 06/12/2007 07:13  

Have dinner cooked for me,, drink lots of alcohol and fall asleep in front of the tv...what a

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skins @ 06/12/2007 08:30  


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darkcarnival @ 06/12/2007 08:32  

Thats a real b***er DC! Hope you are having some celebrations on another day with family and friends? Im spending Xmas Eve, Xmas Day and Boxing day at my Aunt and Uncles...with my lovely Aunt and I will be hitting the bottle whilst they open their pressies, so dinner is always such a breeze...its the only day of the year I really drink (cos the rest of the time Im just a taxi!!)I am not worried what time the dinner goes on the table, we are always relaxed about the whole thing...have lots of silly games and LOADS of laughs...I just love to see the girls faces when they open their pressies...they are already wondering how Santa will know that we are staying there!! We often go for a walk sometime...this year Im there next year theyll be at mine probably... WHATEVER ANYONE IS DOING, PLEASE TRY AND HAVE A HAPPY CHRISTMAS!!! Love to everyone on BM from BC66

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bikerchick1966 @ 06/12/2007 09:33  

my ex hubby has got my 3 kids, so i'm off to manchester with skins to have my first good christmas in 3 years, then we are having another xmas day when we get the kids back on the 28th. its hard to know what to do when you've split and you have kids, but it works for us.

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lula @ 06/12/2007 10:04  

working working working. Xmas day, boxing day, new years day, new years eve.... and most of the days in between! ARRRRRGHHHH!!!! Stupid hospitals, why do people need to go to the hospital during the holidays???? Selfish accident-prone people!

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Matt @ 06/12/2007 10:13  

oooh are you a nurse? lol xx

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lula @ 06/12/2007 10:21  

Lol at Matt, I reckon Derekhog will be saying pretty much the same, lol !! Cheers Ig, yes I'm loads better now and envy your plan of riding out on the big day, sounds like a blast !

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Nutkin68 @ 06/12/2007 10:58  

In response to BC's question, am working all over xmas and finish new year's eve morning. It will be unbelieveably busy and i'll probably be grumpy! Then i'll be sleeping most of new years eve daytime and then will spend the evening having a few beers, watching tv on my lonesome Just call me BILLY!

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darkcarnival @ 06/12/2007 13:38  

even i get christmas day and boxing day and new years day off but working the rest of the time . but christmas day get up start drinking eat loads drink loads more eat some more drink some more then fall a sleep the stomach ache .

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firebladekid @ 06/12/2007 14:24  

im going to a wedding christmas eve and travelling back xmas eve so if were late home will crash out an sleep in till lunch time an then go to parents for food an more beer !!!!!

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storm @ 06/12/2007 15:19  

Shame DC you dont live closer mate...

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bikerchick1966 @ 06/12/2007 16:56  

Ahh well. Am destined for the life of a nun lol

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darkcarnival @ 06/12/2007 16:58  

Spending it with two very special people in my life.. my ex in laws who I love like they were my very own parents and who love me dearly. I am a very lucky lady.

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Cruiser gal @ 06/12/2007 19:20  

You are very, very lucky, my mate Jeni is friends like that with hers

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Nutkin68 @ 07/12/2007 02:49  

I'll be merry by 1pm because its the only time of year that I drink sherry. Me and Mum usually open the bottle while getting the veg prepared and then it dosen't seem such a slog to prepare. I've got my best friend and her mum and my mum with the dog and budgie tagging along. (Must make sure I put the right bird in the oven though! ) All in my little flat. Should be snug!!

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babbsy @ 07/12/2007 04:01  

Microwave meal and then drink myself into insensibility. So the same as every other day really.

I don't do xmas.

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Dangermouse @ 07/12/2007 04:52  

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