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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Scotland ride to/meet Hartside on 8th Oct ?????

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Scotland ride to/meet Hartside on 8th Oct ?????

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Any interest in a ride and meet at Hartside on 8th October?
izzyhill @ 27/09/2017 12:40  

Me me me lol
dannyacer @ 28/09/2017 10:53  

Awww, bless ya DA! Good to know you want to spend time with ya one!
Lindsay @ 28/09/2017 13:47  

You and Stuie up for a meet at Hartside?
Not seen ya in ages.
izzyhill @ 28/09/2017 21:29  

Planning a night out on the beer  for the Saturday, so doubt either of us will be in a fit state on the Sunday (Stu's birthday!) Especially if my drinking partner from a few weeks ago has owt to do with it!! Oooh my head hurts just thinking about it. Sorry!
Lindsay @ 28/09/2017 22:31  

Tempted, but I think I'll be in Leeds looking after assorted children. Allegedly grown-up, but that's open to debate.
On t'other hand, plans might yet change. Watch this space
Wills @ 29/09/2017 01:14  

Wills, I know Stu n i will be in a sorry state the following day after our night out but you don't have to look after us!

Sometimes we can be quite sensible, honest
Lindsay @ 29/09/2017 06:55  

Damn! I would up for this but we're away :-(
Steve_H @ 30/09/2017 21:42  

Looking like we might bank this for another time and go Somewhere Else (cafe in Ayr) instead.
izzyhill @ 01/10/2017 21:48  

I am looking for a buddy to go for a ride on Sun
Bunker K100 @ 06/10/2017 00:23  

Hey Bunker, welcome.
Sunday should be one of the meets I've tried every other month but I can't manage this weekend, sorry.
My bikes are still on the road so maybe I'll put up an alternative ride, if not then just resume a meet every other month through the winter. I hope you'll manage along to something.
izzyhill @ 07/10/2017 21:48  

Hi.... Thanks for the reply. Looking forward to the rides and to meet new fellow bikers.
Bunker K100 @ 09/10/2017 08:35  

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