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NEW FEATURE: New chatroom!

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NEW FEATURE: New chatroom!

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What the 'chat flap' or the Mobile? Err, how hard n how many times would you suggest Mr P?

Oh yeah n should I stand on one leg with my arm raised above my head ??!
Lindsay @ 28/09/2017 20:04  

I'm with JP on this one, just bang it on the table.

What browser are you using? Mobile vs desktop? Can you try some other devices for me? Need to know if it's your browser or account
Matt @ 28/09/2017 20:36  

Woohoo, 'The Flap' is back, just tried it! Sooo it disappeared, then reappeared on android phone BUT disappeared on iPad .... Oooh SPOOKY!
Lindsay @ 02/10/2017 23:25  

Matt, I don't know if you saw the suggestion xsuzix made in Chat, with regards to the 'flap', the other day?

So putting it out there for your consideration (personally I thought was was a great idea, don't know about everyone else) ....

What if the 'flap' could flash when someone is posting?

My suggestion is even if it was only when chat hadn't been used for a period of time. Rather than constantly when conversation is taking place, just have it flash intermittently

It is so unobtrusive that I no longer notice it when in the forums.

Don't know if it possible or indeed whether you/others would want it to?

Great idea💡 xsuzix
Lindsay @ 12/10/2017 17:38  

 Posts: 44       Pages: 3/3

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