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NEW FEATURE: New chatroom!

NEW FEATURE: New chatroom! (2) - Forums [Biker Match] NEW FEATURE: New chatroom! (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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NEW FEATURE: New chatroom!

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I got in fine from my lappy but can't get chat to open on my phone (Samsung/Android)
Using the icons top left or right opens another menu and the chat link is there on both, just doesn't open chat.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 09/09/2017 14:27  

So now we have effin' Samsung as well as effin' Apple......who's next i wonder...apologies to ALL android users in advance if they can't get into my profile

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 09/09/2017 17:58  

I can check your profile Jinx, no problem there :shudder: just not getting into new chatroom from the phone.

   Update Reply
izzyhill @ 09/09/2017 18:52  

ChatFlap button fixed for safari/apple browsers. It was also not working on some older android phones - now fixed. So the button should appear AND work now for everyone.

Jinx, I just booted up my prehistoric Samsung Galaxy S4 and was able to open your profile and photos using the basic/standard internet browser.
However, my friend using iPhone still can't open your profile.
I've asked my friends on Facebook here in Holland if someone can lend me an old iPhone for testing. So far no joy.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 09/09/2017 23:49  

Works OK on my Android (Nougat) phone and also my old iPad2.

   Update Reply
Wills @ 11/09/2017 00:21  

Thanks, good to know it's working more and more.
Now to get it used more and more (think it will be when we swap over to the new website)

   Update Reply
Matt @ 11/09/2017 11:42  

just tried chat on my old (steam driven) lappy and I am very happy to report that IT WORKS! YIPPPEEEE!!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 11/09/2017 21:46  

No colour to the text? Well that's a step back. It's easier to follow conversation when a colour is associated with a chatter.

Since I stopped using a PC my typing speed has dropped considerably, that's why I don't use the chat room anymore.

I'm waiting for the new site to be fully functioning before I use it. I can't be doing with all this toing and froing.

Can't say I understand why standard members will get nearly as many benefits as premium members. I think we'll lose quite a lot of premium members. Just my HO

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 14/09/2017 15:32  

Sandi, just to clarify about standard members getting more features. This is temporary! Just to get more people to move over to the new site.

I may next year try something completely new... making the site free completely for everyone, with a small popup sometimes asking people to donate.
If it works and people donate we'll keep it. If not we'll go back to the old system.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 14/09/2017 17:35  

Morning Matty-moo.

Been trying out chat room on the lappy and it works fine on there, button an' all. :)
But still not getting the button on me Samsung mobi. :(

   Update Reply
Catkins @ 15/09/2017 06:54  

Flap chat bar opens too willingly on my desktop...overlaps stuff I'm clicking on in other tabs...such as photo album.

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 18/09/2017 19:34  

Nick, what operating system/browser & versions etc?

   Update Reply
Matt @ 19/09/2017 08:24  

Windows desktop.
32' HD monitor...
W7 Pro 32 / W8.1 Pro 64 bit

Firefox browser.

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 19/09/2017 08:56  

I've uploaded 3 images to an album called BM Beta on my profile.
Used your profile pics as a comparison to see difference in how they display.
Although - with respect - I did find someone with a lovelier smile :)
Hope that helps.

You can see with Marsha's image that the picture overlaps the chatroom tab, so with touch / click functions, they collide.

My profile pics - as the user logged in - displays images tabbed to the left with no scroll option.

Yours shows a set of images across the page in a landscape mode.

   Update Reply
nickscafe @ 19/09/2017 09:24  

Fixed. Now when you open photos it will hide the flap, and when you close photos the flap will come back.

But - i see in your screenshot you're not really seeing all of the flap, just part of it. Weird.

   Update Reply
Matt @ 19/09/2017 20:26  

Matt, you may not want to hear this but the 'chat flap' (that sounds SO wrong!) has disappeared on my phone I didn't have a problem before and it was there on Friday evening. It disappeared over the weekend sometime (gone on holiday perhaps?!) I tried on Monday and gave up n used the old site. It's not been seen since. Don't know what else to say except ...Grrrrr!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 27/09/2017 07:12  

My catflap is still in my back door,so must be just the others...

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 27/09/2017 17:25  

Hmmm, nothing has changed to be honest. I was away all weekend and didn't change anything in the code at all.

Try pressing CTRL+F5 (Windows, not sure about Apples). Also log out and back in again.

I see the Chat flap now and can use it

   Update Reply
Matt @ 28/09/2017 10:20  

I tried that and it's still not there ...

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 28/09/2017 13:48  

Bang it on the table

   Update Reply
JP @ 28/09/2017 17:32  

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