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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

BM Aug/Sep Rally Challenge

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BM Aug/Sep Rally Challenge

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Thanks for the tuff love, Izzy

Planning the return trip down A303 for take 2.
If I was going by car, I'd probably think again. The traffic is awful on that road.
Thankfully, it's the perfect route for improving filtering skills
nickscafe @ 23/08/2017 08:04  

Take some bluetak.
yarg @ 23/08/2017 08:52  

No - bluetak wasn't good enough - but then it was a bit breezy in them hills.
Heavier card and a meerkat, Yarg.
It'll be round his neck on a lanyard
nickscafe @ 23/08/2017 09:30  

Sorry Nick, couldn't help myself.

I've always kept rally cards in a poly-pocket and trapped them in my top box lid to get a photo; occasionally on the dash/behind my screen - but then not everyone has either a top box or a screen.
izzyhill @ 23/08/2017 21:21  

I have neither but a roll of sellotape is easy to stuuf in a pocket..
jinx57 @ 23/08/2017 22:13  

Izzy, please excuse what may be a stupid question, but could you clarify if you're looking for 1 pic of a clock tower, 2 pics of nautical themed pubs etc or was the numbering just to define the three separate targets?

Openspaces @ 27/08/2017 10:07  

Think you'll find that denotes quantity of items least that's what i do...good hunting..:)
jinx57 @ 27/08/2017 10:15  

Thanks Jinx, yes, that's right 1x, 2x and 3x making 6 photos if you want to get the full tally.
izzyhill @ 27/08/2017 19:40  

Oops! overdid mine a bit,i'll delete a couple if you'd prefer,Izzy..:)
jinx57 @ 28/08/2017 17:02  

Surprised you didn't venture to The Anchor at Epney, jinxy

Lovely shots across the Severn from there....

Saddened to hear the landlord passed recently...after 30yrs stewardship
nickscafe @ 28/08/2017 18:44  

Study the pictures more closely(pic.4)...haha...i've even put a bonus pub,the Boat Inn at Ashleworth,but their signage is obscure bordering on illegible(pic.5)...(it's the one that looks as if it's falling down,lol)
Just wish i could add captions to the pictures....
jinx57 @ 28/08/2017 22:35  

Ah...yes...OK...the garden is over your left shoulder with the river almost behind you.
nickscafe @ 29/08/2017 08:16  

Was too close,(ditto the Ship Inn,Framilode,) to be ignored if i'm honest...the Severn comes in handy quite often...looking forward to seeing everyone else's FAR SUPERIOR offerings,too..
jinx57 @ 30/08/2017 08:23  

Just another week for my last challenge as I'll be picking the winner next Sunday and looking for prizes to give out (where posdible) at Barmouth at the end of the month.

Jinx, you could add captions before uploading here, don't need fancy photo-editing programs as loads of applications will do it - maybe even on your phone?
izzyhill @ 09/09/2017 14:23  

Just tried deleting my images, then adding captioned photos...but still no joy:( I've put a duplicate set on my profile and added the captions on there...only way i know of doing it,unless there is a way to add captions after they're uploaded onto events ???i'm just a humble Luddite with XP powered by fieldmice in a treadmill(apparently)
jinx57 @ 09/09/2017 17:24  

Still got some images to getting in the way.
...heading out through Wilts tomorrow...feeling hopeful
nickscafe @ 09/09/2017 22:03  

Just one pub photo to fine. Not sure how visible my sign is, had to stand quite far back to fit bike and subject in pics
naomijr @ 09/09/2017 22:16  

I've only squeezed parts of the bike into some of mine, all of it on others....hope this is ok...
Openspaces @ 09/09/2017 22:43  

Getting quite keen to see more pics on this month's wishes for all those having a go.x :)
jinx57 @ 10/09/2017 00:13  

How long do I have left to complete challenge?
naomijr @ 12/09/2017 20:29  

 Posts: 58       Pages: 2/3

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