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Denny, my (un)professional opinion is that the tyre is f*cked :-)
Hand in pocket time
Steve_H @ 03/08/2017 21:16  

Ha ha your totally correct again Steve H and its already been bought just need to get it on tomorrow
dennyboo @ 03/08/2017 22:22  

Thanks Yorkie mick very educational .
But ive found out my tyre has delaminated on the right hand side but it could be down to the road factors will never know I suppose
dennyboo @ 03/08/2017 22:36  

Tyres will only delamienate if there is a problem in manufacture or tyres being used incorrectly ie under inflation over inflation causing tyres to over heat.
JP @ 04/08/2017 05:18  

Hi JP I am very carful with tyre pressures and check them everytime I go out with a digital gauge so would be gutted if it was due to inflation problems.
As Jinx says Michelin have a background of delaminating so perhaps its that the tyre is nearly at the end of its life tread wise so it could be all related another thing I was thinking was as you know I have had my suspension set up and He said it was way too heavy on the front so perhaps this has contributed as well .
Perhaps I brake on right hand corners eeek Lefts are my faves as you have the thing in your head that theres a little more tarmac there lol have you done the first bike post yey JP I was looking forward to your reply on that one
dennyboo @ 04/08/2017 07:19  

1st bike I had was a long time ago and I think it was a royal Enfield 350 but I'm very old and forgetfull  the 1st bike I road was a Francis barnet 250 2t the 2nd bike I road was about 30 seconds later
JP @ 04/08/2017 08:16  

wow JP I love that name the royal enfield it sounds like it was a bike not to be messed with
tbh they were before my time on bikes but I do remember them Francis Barnett omg can not picture one at all but have ob heard the name
I love this post its brill going back thanks for your input
dennyboo @ 04/08/2017 19:06  

Royal Enfields can still be bought new they are made in India they look almost the same as the original RE they now have indicators a cheep speedo instead of a Smiths and a cheep carb instead of the old monoblock or concentric depending on which model you had concentric was up to the 250 and the monoblock went on the bigger 350 and 500 singles. Now they make a Desiel its been around a few years but not caught on as they hoped it would 100mpg but sounds like an old Lister engine
JP @ 04/08/2017 20:33  

god I remember they were making them and they still are ?
I know you can get every part for a FS1e from india as there still making them too
Do you have any English bikes JP
dennyboo @ 04/08/2017 20:40  

I was in Skegness last weekend and spotted a retro BSA. Like the new enfield types. Never seen one before. All you have to do ,when your new Enfield sheds a cable,is call in at the nearest Indian takeaway. Lol ?? While the old Enfield was known as a Royal Oilfield. Lol ??

yorkie mick @ 04/08/2017 22:19  

a diesel motorcycle ? omg that's not the law is it
Saying that Iam sure they could come up with the grunt especially BMW
Ha ha royal oilfield the triumph was bad enough lol were they worse ?
dennyboo @ 04/08/2017 23:56  

Some of the Brits were renowned for a splurge or two,but that was part and parcel,back in the day. Although with a bit of care,some where better than others and pretty tight.
Just like my Sporty,which throws oil out of the breather and cleaner. Splattering my leg in the process. As far as I know some sporty's do it and others don't so much with varying amounts of spray. All adds to the character though
Diesel bikes. Just wait until we go electric
yorkie mick @ 05/08/2017 02:53  

Just as a point I have 1 of the "new Indian Royal Enfields" I get 96.4 miles to the gallon on fair distance run [cruising at 70 on a motorway from NW england to East anglia ]about 300 + miles each way.Admittedly it has their EFI unit but it has been "looked at" by Hitchcocks lol. So far no complaints and it turns more heads than most when I thump way through town hehehe
Quietman2 @ 05/08/2017 03:10  

It's cos it's so lovely QM, espesh now the effelump has gone!
Lindsay @ 05/08/2017 08:30  

Yorkie mick surely that's a breathing problem there !
Quiet man I bet it does too, what cc is the enfield have you a pic on your profile of it ?
dennyboo @ 05/08/2017 08:36  

How did you get it QM did you have to have it shipped over yourself ?
dennyboo @ 05/08/2017 08:37  

There are dealers in this country.
yarg @ 05/08/2017 09:23  

Honestly ! I never seen one or seen them advertised but wasn't looking I suppose
dennyboo @ 05/08/2017 09:28  

Ask google where they are.
yarg @ 05/08/2017 09:30  

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