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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Hallowistmas Party - 25th Nov 2017

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Hallowistmas Party - 25th Nov 2017

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thanks jp for that its only 20 mins up the 38 so ill see you there then
vanguard @ 01/08/2017 18:49  

Rooms getting low now and the price is going up there are other Travelodges local that will be a short taxi ride so look around before you book
JP @ 14/08/2017 18:20  

I've booked a room with a 8 foot high ceiling.
So I'm not worried about low rooms
Ragnar @ 14/08/2017 21:49  

There's a premier inn not too far away too
Jennywren1 @ 14/08/2017 21:55  

Lenny Henry just booked the last one

Just Joking!!!!!!!!!
jinx57 @ 14/08/2017 22:47  

Jennywren1 @ 15/08/2017 08:33  

Bro prey tell why do you need an 8ft ceiling ????
Brummie Jackie @ 15/08/2017 10:49  

Just in case I have someone on my shoulders when I get back from the party.

Ragnar @ 15/08/2017 13:06  

Brummie Jackie @ 15/08/2017 14:07  

If it's Stuie, you will need at least 12ft in height ... He can't bend his knee to sit on ya shoulders, so would have to stand on em!
Lindsay @ 15/08/2017 19:10  

It still could work Lindsay, after a night on the I could be on my knees by the time we get back to the hotel, So I will be a foot and a half shorter
Ragnar @ 15/08/2017 19:44  

Oh, the image that comment has conjured up is FAB-u-LOUS!
Lindsay @ 15/08/2017 23:40  

Ok folks
the cant decide whether its Halloween or Christmas party is back again this
year !!!

fancy dress party :)

Sat 25th Nov

The Rockbar, Shobnall Sports & Social
Club, Shobnall Rd, Burton on Trent, Staffs, DE14 2BB

DJ will
help us boogie the night away and at £4 each its a bargain. Kick off is 7.30 pm

for best fancy dress.

Travelodge Burton upon Trent Central is currently showing double room at
£35 J and is a 15 min max
wobble away

For those who are brave, free camping is available.

closing days of MCN Live is also on this weekend at the NEC if you fancy
combining the 2 :)

Dress is optional and anything you are happy to be seen in public wearing !

queries please contact Brummie Jackie or JP.

Brummie Jackie @ 21/08/2017 09:46  

Cheapest room in Travelodge burton central is now £52.00
JP @ 23/08/2017 16:20  

Hi I've got a booking for a double room up for sale with Unlimited breakfast and wifi just short of £60 in box me if interested.
GUINNESS RIDER @ 23/08/2017 18:36  

Sal, you not going?

Was gonna offer to take you down with us.
Lindsay @ 24/08/2017 16:28  

Sister red I'll be there but shushhhhhh I'm invisible Red
GUINNESS RIDER @ 24/08/2017 21:22  

Looking forward to this do too!! Anyone new to the site, this'll be a good un to attend n meet some o us.
Catkins @ 26/08/2017 17:24  

Not sure what fancy dress to wear lol
Brummie Jackie @ 01/09/2017 09:37  

How about Coco the Clown, you wouldn't need to do much, well nothing at all.
Ragnar @ 01/09/2017 11:03  

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