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BikerMatch Version 2 - It's happening!

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BikerMatch Version 2 - It's happening!

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Thanks Matt.
Sandi @ 24/05/2017 09:56  

Tonight there will be some serious downtime.
But then we'll be running on shiny new software and the site will run very fast.

Later, maybe next month, I'll be upgrading the hardware also

While the site is down tonight I'll try to post an "offline" message rather than a "page not found" error, but it wont always be possible
Matt @ 24/05/2017 17:23  

Pfff what an evening.
I think the site is now back online ok.
It's 1am here so I'm gonna get myself to bed for a bit. Tomorrow another long day planned with this
Matt @ 24/05/2017 23:29  

Thanks again, Matt   (I can access BM on laptop but not at all via Samsung mobi) Update.... just got on via mobi. :))
Catkins @ 25/05/2017 10:02  

Yep security has been turned up. Very old computers like Windows xp won't be able to get on BM anymore. It's necessary though
Matt @ 25/05/2017 10:49  

Anyone notice the massive speed increase on the website now?

We're using HTTP 2, the new web so to say.

At the moment 87% of people should be using a browser that supports it (another good reason to always keep your browser up to date, if the security reasons weren't enough).

Page loading times are 1/6th of what they previously were.
Matt @ 25/05/2017 19:34  

Matt Im showing 5 messages on my email from bikermatch server but none in the message inbox on Bm is that you doing testing or have you broken it again ??
JP @ 25/05/2017 20:33  

Ah that's not good. I had a LOT of problems moving the email software to the new server, so many errors. Really thought it was ok.

I'll trigger a refresh on your account, see how it looks in 10 minutes
Matt @ 25/05/2017 21:03  

Dont know if it helps but times of emails are
Will delete them and have a look at 3am when I get up for work

JP @ 25/05/2017 21:17  

I had one from bikermatch and another from bikermatch server, there was only the one message so maybe you haven't lost anything JP just the server resending when it's been rebooted
feistygirl @ 25/05/2017 21:25  

Windows on XP won't be able to get on BM anymore??? Well mine is,and coping very for speeding things up,the ability to put pictures on my profile is now slow on a geological call me a Luddite,but we have an expression here.."if it ain't broke don't fix it"...and as i can't afford a new computer...AND...i've received nothing via email from BM,perhaps that's why my phone refused to let me login at lunchtime...??
jinx57 @ 25/05/2017 22:03  

Hey Jinx
Oh I had expected XP machines to stop working. Unless you have a new version of Chrome installed, maybe that works.

And it IS broken. Older Windows (like XP) don't support the new kinds of HTTPS/SSL. The secure connections that it does support are BROKEN and HACKED. That means people can listen in on your network and steal your passwords.

Upgrading the server software allows us to support the newer methods of encryption, but the price is that some older clients can't connect.

And, as of 1st June, we can no longer take payments or work with Paypal if we had continued running the older software (server equivalent of XP from 15 years ago or so)

So, it WAS broken, and I have FIXED it.
I wish you guys would trust me.

Do expect some things to need adjusting. Maybe there's a problem with photo uploads on the new server, but I can investigate little issues one by one.

However, it was necessary and mandatory that we upgraded the server software. Anything from now on just needs to be fixed on a case by case basis
Matt @ 25/05/2017 22:31  

Trish I don't think I have lost anything it's just odd that I had all the e-mail notifications from bm server but nothing in my inbox . It's not helping that outlook have changed there stuff and that is driving me nutts too. As for trusting you Matt ? I don't trust any geeks so your not aloan
JP @ 26/05/2017 03:47  

haha I'm very trustworthy.

JP, I have a feeling we're talking about 2 different things now.
You say "e-mail notifications from bm server but nothing in my inbox"

Do you mean that you had email notifications from the website that you have received a new PRIVATE MESSAGE?
I thought you was talking about the staff BM email address you have.

If you get a message that a new PM is waiting for you, but you cannot see a PM, it's because we deleted a spammer before you could see the spam they sent you
Matt @ 26/05/2017 13:58  

Ok I did send a spammer report in but got no feedback about it. No worries
JP @ 26/05/2017 16:40  

JP - I'm a week behind on my emails this week. Had to plan this upgrade before the bank shut us down.

Jinx- I've tested the uploading of photos and it's rapid! Remember it can vary a lot depending on the size of the photos you're uploading and the speed of your internet connection. I uploaded 40 photos in about 3 seconds!
Matt @ 26/05/2017 19:16  

Hate to tell you this,but i've just put three pictures on 'out and about' on my profile of Tetbury,average load time 21 seconds each....I've NEVER been able to make my BM site take 'drag and drop' OR complete folders or files of pictures...maybe it's just me...Although ,i've never had a problem sending entire collections of pictures to people via email..ditto music files...Not being difficult,just telling you the facts...OH..and yes,latest version of Chrome is on all my stuff,on auto update too ..
jinx57 @ 26/05/2017 20:06  

OOOOOOOOO!!!! i just tried ,and it let me drag and drop!!!!!!!something is working better than before...:)>
jinx57 @ 26/05/2017 22:57  

I'm busy making the new site, which will be completely renewed from the ground up.
I know there's little bugs all over the current site, but I'm not going to spend too much time fixing them all (unless they're serious) because my time is better spent making the new site.

Let's see what you think of photos uploads on the new site when I've got it working
Matt @ 27/05/2017 16:44  

Bring it on...
jinx57 @ 27/05/2017 23:17  

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