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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Weekend Camp at the Golden Swan Wiltshire 18-21 August 2017

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Weekend Camp at the Golden Swan Wiltshire 18-21 August 2017

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Many thanks to both jinx57 and gbear for offering their pilly seats for any rideouts we set up, i'm sure this will be greatly appreciated by the pilly only members who have their names down for this event.
So pilly riders don't forget to bring your bike gear!.
DAVE VM @ 04/08/2017 10:25  

I've just been in touch with The Golden Swan again and they've told me that they will with prior arrangement do breakfast for us if required, there is still the option of going for a short ride (about a mile or so) to the Wharf Cafe in Honeystreet for breakfast if anyone wants to.
I was also told that they have a skittles alley, perhaps we could set up a tournament amongst ourselves ??.
The pitch fee has gone up from £5 pppn stated on their website to £6 pppn night.
DAVE VM @ 04/08/2017 10:52  

SO... it CAN all be beer and skittles...!! :)>
jinx57 @ 05/08/2017 17:31  

Sounds good to me Jinx!!.

Would all those who are coming to this event, please make sure you put your name on the events calendar by this coming Sunday 13th as i need to confirm the numbers with The Golden Swan.

If anyone has any suggestions for a rideout/s, let's hear them so we can decide what to do.

Many thanks !.
DAVE VM @ 08/08/2017 20:24  

Signed up as confirmed to do this one. Camping (as it's cheaper) and I'll have a seat free for a rideout or two.

oddbod @ 08/08/2017 22:41  

I would be willing to take a pilly out on a ride, while at the swan, Helmet & gloves required min.
  I have prepared a few sheets of where to go in the area if people are interested please contact me for the info, I only have only prepared four sheets so the info will have to be shared around. in the info are the post codes of the places so those with a sat nav will have no problem
seabass @ 09/08/2017 10:18  

I will be arriving on the Thursday afternoon Dave so let the Golden Swan know please in case they putting us in a separate field [keeping us "animals" segregated hehehe]
See everyone there when they arrive All ride and keep safe
Quietman2 @ 09/08/2017 11:25  

Just an enquiry, how many if any of you who are coming to this event will be staying the whole weekend and travelling home on Monday 21st.
I would would like to know if there will be any empty pilly seats for a rideout on Sunday 20th.

Many thanks.
DAVE VM @ 11/08/2017 17:36  

Hi Dave. I've taken out a payday loan for the extra £3 for camping so can now stay till Monday. Happy days.!
gbear @ 12/08/2017 00:03  

Ooooer Geoff you do like living on the edge don't you, a whole three pounds, i never heard of such a thing . Don't you go over stretching your finances now !!!.
DAVE VM @ 12/08/2017 15:03  

I won't be able to provide a pilly seat on the 20th now as I will be leaving early. I've got work setting up a campsite for the motogp the following weekend.
Can still provide a pilly for the 18th and 19th though.

oddbod @ 12/08/2017 18:09  

I'll be going back on Monday morning,so available after any previous commitments honoured, for pillion rides..
jinx57 @ 13/08/2017 21:43  

Could i also recommend Old Sarum,WOODhenge,Avebury,or some place called Stonehenge(which ,technically ,is NOT a HENGE at all.....
jinx57 @ 13/08/2017 21:45  

I'm coming down for Sunday afternoon and Eve going to greedy pigs mcc rally on Sat eve. See you there.

demmo @ 16/08/2017 22:44  

Sun has its hat on ,hope stays that way until at least Monday bike loaded ,tank filled am setting off for weekend at Golden Swan will see all that coming there All ride and keep safe ttfn

Quietman2 @ 17/08/2017 08:17  

Hoping you all have a great weekend
Woo Woo Blu @ 17/08/2017 12:26  

Have a good one folks and spend just 10 seconds thinking about us poor souls that are working the weekend without laughing.
Ragnar @ 17/08/2017 12:36  

Oh Chris as if we would do such a thing, well not too much anyway!!!.

Shame you have to work this weekend.
DAVE VM @ 17/08/2017 15:09  

Have a fab time y'all
Jennywren1 @ 18/08/2017 00:04  

Managed to book accommodation approx 5 miles away, so will defo be there on Saturday. Coming in car as Stuie not able to ride distance yet!

Looking forward to seeing you all. See you soon
Lindsay @ 18/08/2017 00:36  

 Posts: 51       Pages: 2/3

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