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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Squires on Sunday 14th May 2017?

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Squires on Sunday 14th May 2017?

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Someone I know who wasn't personally keen on squires said if you've not should be done at least once! A popular bikers meeting place. Me...I'm just looking forward to meeting some more BM folk and seeing for myself. :)
Jennywren1 @ 09/05/2017 10:16  

May come if I have got all my jobs done and I will be sticking to the Sunday dinner option as for the spoons have only ever not had mine one time and that was 1 time I went . As Lindsay says it is what it is
JP @ 09/05/2017 10:29  

I may be able to get to this, if only to eat the puddings before JP
Brummie Jackie @ 09/05/2017 10:39  

I will try get there 11ish Lindsay depending on weather and traffic [n me getting out of bed on a sunday morning lolol]
It is a good place to meet usually with a good selection of machinery to eyeball. I have had worse food but it fills a hole, only have the coffee and that is marginally better than the stuff you get on motorways
be good to see friends and new faces
See you all Sunday
Quietman2 @ 09/05/2017 12:40  

Just a quick question. I thought this had been put up to go on to the Events page? Is there a problem or is the person/people who are "meant" to deal with this too busy? Have noticed several people have had problems with getting events posted and was just wondering
Quietman2 @ 09/05/2017 12:46  

See you there QM and everyone else too!
Lindsay @ 09/05/2017 13:49  

Poo would love to but bike not ready yet
CopperFox @ 10/05/2017 22:57  

Nothing to stop ya coming in car CG, unless of course you don't drive/have one?!

Plenty of parking available...
Lindsay @ 10/05/2017 23:00  

Now on events calendar so get your faces down so folks know who to look out for ... and have one for me (a cuppa) coz I can't make it

izzyhill @ 11/05/2017 13:07  

Already done izzy
CopperFox @ 11/05/2017 16:32  

Thanks Izz-ster

It is true that you iz a

Well it looks like it maybe a small but intimate group. Shame really as it would be great for newbies to meet old timers (!) for wagging of chins for a couple of hours.

I think we will probably go for a blat/bimble/trundle to get lunch elsewhere.

If anyone would like to turn up on spec, you will be more than welcome. If the weather is good we will be sat outside on the benches under the tree or a near as possible.

If it's not so good we will be inside, more than like to the right or left of the front doors.

For those who don't know anyone I will wear my stoopid hat so look out for it (as per profile pic) oh yeah n Gruffalo Backpack!!

See ya Sunday
Lindsay @ 11/05/2017 20:54  

I still need a lift for this so anyone who can oblige please message me. Cheers.

Sandi @ 12/05/2017 06:27  

We are under the trees outside...

C'mon down folks, weather is here, wish you were wonderful
Lindsay @ 14/05/2017 12:14  

Cant make it sorry Bike is in bits
JP @ 14/05/2017 12:22  

A small but perfectly formed merry band of BMers wagging chins in the sunshine. Thanks those that turned up, it was good to see you again and catch up once more.

I think we shouldn't leave it so long next time

Btw, Tina enjoying being "taken up The Sir John's"
Lindsay @ 14/05/2017 17:06  

One day you are going to say something that is going to get "poor Tina" in so much trouble PMSL Was good to see who managed to get to Squires. Hope all managed to to get home safe . See you all again soon ttfn
Quietman2 @ 14/05/2017 17:44  

Yes...was nice. :) have put a few 'bike' pics on the events page :)
Jennywren1 @ 14/05/2017 18:12  

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