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Missing emails not getting sent/ received from events calendar

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Missing emails not getting sent/ received from events calendar

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Matt Boss Man..... h e l p please! Have organised a Night Out In York do. Have sent an email out to all listed guests and got message up that it had been sent to everyone who was attending. Get in tonight and one BM member at least has not received the message. It is an important one as it was the menu for the do and needs to be prebooked. It took a lot of typing, lol, so am loath to redo the whole thing again. How come some members have received it and others haven't? Is it stored and accessible somewhere on system. Have tried copying and pasting but it won't allow me to do it. If members were on whatsapp I could send photo of it but this particular member isn't. I need to get the prebooked order in so could this be a quick fix, as must be a glitsch somewhere on the system? Please. Ta very much Boss Man :) x
Catkins @ 18/03/2017 19:55  

Is anyone going on the Night Out In York do and has booked a meal place with me, but not received said menu? Please pm me or post on here, as need to ensure everyone has the info. Ta!
Catkins @ 18/03/2017 19:57  

Matt, I have just sent out a further email from events calendar and again, it has said it got sent to all 26 attendees. Whether all 26 have received it is nother matter. Is there a gremlin sabotaging emails?
Catkins @ 18/03/2017 20:05  

You will get quicker response if you message Matt directly via the contact us.
Sandi @ 18/03/2017 22:06  

Have done that too, Sandi, belt and braces, lol :)
Catkins @ 18/03/2017 22:35  

Unless something has changed in recent upgrades, if you send a group message as an event organiser you should see (26 or whatever) individual messages to all the attendees in your communicator list - where you will also be able to see if they've been read.
If that's no longer how it works it would be good to see it restored if possible.
izzyhill @ 20/03/2017 20:07  

Just tested and working fine.

Maybe people are just ignoring you - me included :-D Sorry for the delay replying
Matt @ 10/04/2017 22:08  

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