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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Night Out In York

Night Out In York (2) - Forums [Biker Match] Night Out In York (2) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Night Out In York

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Depending on date and price of accommodation would love to join you for this one :)

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Brummie Jackie @ 22/02/2017 14:17  

Hi Cath,
yes, I would like to attend, Scottish Mike.

   Update Reply
Mikeyboy55 @ 22/02/2017 18:58  

11th March & 1st April, good for me . Don't know about His Lordship though , guess I ought to ask him .

From what I can work out Seunke & Ruth should be able to do 11th March, but will get His Lordship to ask if they are up for it.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 22/02/2017 19:52  

Doh! I'm being stoopid (again) looks like 1st April is good (not 11 March). Sorry for confusion

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 22/02/2017 20:18  

Scottish Bike show at Edinburgh March 11th don't forget to throw into the date pot.

   Update Reply
red_daytona @ 22/02/2017 20:20  

If I had to choose it'd be 8th April ...

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 22/02/2017 21:07  

Count me in sad missed last one

   Update Reply
Deeply @ 22/02/2017 22:18  

Being a pain

Can we sort a date as the longer we leave it the less time to arrange accommodation.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 23/02/2017 08:31  

I'm defo in,.
Nice one Miss Catkins your a .

   Update Reply
Motorbike50 @ 23/02/2017 17:28  

Deffo interested in this as 1st April is bang in the middle of my long weekend off work, perfick !!

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 23/02/2017 17:31  

Whoo hoo Mr H im glad to hear your coming to York. Looks like there will be a large gathering of bm ers at this one.

Accommodation booked so if anyone wants to meet up on the Friday evening give us a shout

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 23/02/2017 22:03  

i noticed that the egg run is on the 9th not the 8th, but canna make this one as i will be in Chester lol x

   Update Reply
dizzydot @ 23/02/2017 22:39  

Yup, Egg Run is on Sunday 9th (week after this)

Aww Diz, I wanted to chat about the joys of SA again!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/02/2017 22:41  

Just booked 1 nite stay for Sat nite at the Seahorse Hotel.

   Update Reply
Motorbike50 @ 24/02/2017 07:16  

Accommodation for two nights booked at Saxon House B&B.

   Update Reply
DAVE VM @ 24/02/2017 17:03  

It's booked in my calendar already, so I will be there. Sis (Sam Van) is looking for a room for us, so add us to your numbers, we will be there. x

   Update Reply
JoeAnne @ 24/02/2017 20:13  

I am a newbie...and quite alone but would love to attend if the date decided doesn't clash with anything...and if I could meet up with someone there? id have to get the train to York
as nursing a broken wrist....but that would be easy enough :)

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 24/02/2017 20:22  

Hi Jennywren, no worries we can sort something out. It will be a good opportunity to meet folk and get a taste of things to come over the summer. I will pm you. Lindsay

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 24/02/2017 20:43  

what date are you looking at or have i read the posts too quick,

   Update Reply
rileymtr @ 24/02/2017 21:14  

You always read too fast Michael!   

Saturday 1st April...  Fone me, re. accommodation 
If your up for a nite on the razz!!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 24/02/2017 21:29  

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