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Anyone else had issues when typing and then posting on a thread? I spent ages today trying to get a post to have line breaks. I typed out my post complete with paragraphs and emoticons (provided) and all look good until I actually pressed [Submit Form]. Everything all ran into one, with no paragraphs and very few spaces. One continuous piece of text that was difficult to read. When I went to edit it, the text looked perfect, everything exactly where it should be. Submitted again. A mess! I tried to edit time and time again to no avail. Until I took out every paragraph and sentence spacing and reinput them. The paragraph spacing I had to input manually by physically typing < br > < br > (without the spaces!). Emoticons have been displayed as 'code' rather than just the image. It's driving me crazy. This isn't the first time I've experienced this but today has been awful. :(

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Lindsay @ 01/02/2017 13:55  

The above is an example. When I go to edit, all looks good.


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Lindsay @ 01/02/2017 13:57  

I've got some old carpet in the loft, if it's floormatting you're after...the good stuff is in my garage,though...:)>

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jinx57 @ 01/02/2017 18:10  

Ah....just cleaned my reading glasses...forget previous post...:/>

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jinx57 @ 01/02/2017 18:11  

Happens to me when I've prepped something in Word and pasted it,

not really tried a long post that I need paragraphs in for a while.

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izzyhill @ 02/02/2017 13:05  

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