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Night Out In Chester

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Night Out In Chester

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Hey hey Feylin! Try Ormonde Guest House, Brook Street - they still had coupla rooms left earlier today. Would be great to see you!! £40
Catkins @ 12/01/2017 16:28  

Did look at attending this but room prices rule it out sorry
Brummie Jackie @ 16/01/2017 12:14  

Hi there, I live only 20 mins from Chester so this would be of interest to me if the dates not when I'm on holiday at the end of march.
allison_2011 @ 19/01/2017 23:37  

Sorry... just seen the date.
I'm in , will put my name on the event.
allison_2011 @ 19/01/2017 23:40  

That's great allison_2011. Looking forward to meeting you! :) And BJ that's a shame but meet you at nother do.
Catkins @ 20/01/2017 07:15  

Might try and pop down for this not sure if I'm in Cornwall but if I'm in YO1 I'll try and come.
simonchev @ 20/01/2017 21:51  

whoop Ali , be great to chat face to face at last :)
feylin @ 22/01/2017 14:21  

Anyone with a tent and a good four-season sleeping bag can always find somewhere to sleep here. Not too far from the centre of Chester.

Wills @ 23/01/2017 23:22  

Hi guys.... Airbnb might be worth a look for cheap rooms. I've used the site before with no issues :)
Blackberry @ 25/01/2017 17:41  

Try YHA or Backpackers Hostels. I've used YHA on several occasions when overnighting in London.

No longer all same sex dormitories, singles. doubles, family some with ensuite are now possibilities

Most have been refurbished and are lovely n clean with modern fittings, facilities have also been replaced. It's worth a try.

I've also used Airbnb, fabulous experiences so far. Cheap accommodation. Plenty of choice. Spare room, whole house/apartment, quirky places ie tree house. Military vehicles, yurts. I've found it great for booking for a few of us.
Lindsay @ 25/01/2017 18:38  

Thanks for those pointers, ladies! And Wills!!

I need to book tables for scram so could folk let me know, please, would they be ok with me booking tables for about 6.30 or would folk want to eat later? I need to pay a deposit for the booking so please say if you are just in for the beer part! And yes, for those asking, you can meet up for just the evening bit if you wish. We'll just be a few pints ahead of you is all, lol :)
Catkins @ 29/01/2017 14:23  

Food at 6:30pm is fine for me. I'll probably catch up with you mid-afternoon.

Bwana Mrefu @ 29/01/2017 15:59  

Yeap 6.30 is good for me too n thanks Catkins for all your hard work in finding n organising a place to eat n to a great evening ahead :))
Roughrider02 @ 29/01/2017 20:23  

My wheels are pointing towards Chester ... looking forward to meeting ya-all.
Sam Van @ 30/01/2017 16:37  

Yay Sam Van, welcome to BM. Welcome to your first post and welcome to the night out do. Whoo hoo! :)
Catkins @ 30/01/2017 16:41  

6.30 good for food here, how much do we need to give u 4 deposit?
Krisbiker @ 31/01/2017 19:24  

Hi I`m new to "BM"& first time ever for a post!. Will be up for a day out in Chester, please count me in. I`ll catch train in & stay all day/evening. look forwards to meeting you all.

Motorbike50 @ 01/02/2017 14:42  

A big happy welcome to Biker Match, Motorbike50, and to your first posts and to your first "do". Will be lovely to meet you all, new faces and them others, lol

Had fun and games booking us all in for nosh. Have managed to get us in at a fab place. Eaten there myself so I know it's good food and good service at a reasonable price.

But..... ha ha, there is always one o them! but the only booking I could get was for 6 p.m. and I have to pay £5 deposit per person by the 10 February.

Other good places to eat in Chester have said they needed 6 weeks notice to book and all require a deposit.

So to those on this do who are planning on eating, rest assured that we are in at a good place at a reasonable price. It is a bar as well as a restaurant.

Going to be a good crack, let me know if any of you have any probs, please.

So meet up at 12 o'clock on Saturday 18th February, Chester Cross. Bevvies. Scram. More bevvies, order of the day. Not forgetting of course, lots of friendly banter with like minded buddies!

Catkins @ 01/02/2017 16:12  

@catkins-Do we need to send u some dosh for deposit?
Krisbiker @ 01/02/2017 17:56  

I need to pay them £80 up front , but was going to risk it for a biscuit. Eeeek!! But if you have your five squiddly diddlies ready, just give me the fiver when you see me on the 18th. But thank you, Krisbiker.
Catkins @ 01/02/2017 19:00  

 Posts: 134       Pages: 3/7

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