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NEW: Mandatory login

NEW: Mandatory login - Forums [Biker Match] NEW: Mandatory login - Forums [Biker Match]
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NEW: Mandatory login

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Little update... every visitor to BM is now required to login after viewing more than 3 pages. No more ghosts browsing around the profiles anonymously.
Matt @ 06/10/2016 19:20  

Thank you Matt , this is good news x
Deleted Member @ 07/10/2016 00:04  

Hang on , do you mean "3 pages " as in 3 profiles or 3 pages of profiles ? If its the latter , thats an awful lot of profiles that can still be viewed anonymously ?
Deleted Member @ 07/10/2016 00:08  

3 pages.
So they open the homepage, click "members" or "Forums" etc.
Then 1 more profile (maybe 1 topic in the forums, or maybe 1 profile)
That's it, then they have to login.

Until now anyone could just browse (most of) the site without logging in at all.

Hopefully it'll see an increase in the number of new member registrations
Matt @ 07/10/2016 14:11  

Thank you for clearing that up Matt x
Deleted Member @ 07/10/2016 16:22  

fantastic. a welcome update from me.

will stop people keeping track of people covertly, such of ex other halfs stalking etc.
Stuie. @ 10/10/2016 23:02  

Good call Boss Man
Brummie Jackie @ 11/10/2016 09:48  

if you can afford a bike,i'm sure £7 a month aint gonna break you
Allan l @ 11/10/2016 16:45  

thanks, exactly!
And if you build up your karma (be active on the site and it goes up) then you'll soon find your YEARLY fee is just £25!

That's 48p a week!!!
Matt @ 11/10/2016 19:12  

I put that to some members both standard and non standard a few weeks ago and the general concensus was the initial lump sum payment could be a problem for some.
Do members who pay on a weekly basis, or perhaps take a short term subscription still get a discount at the start of their second year?
double six @ 11/10/2016 19:39  

Hi mate

The "personal discount" applied to everyone's upgrade page is built up of a number of things.

For example - your karma on the site, whether you've previously upgraded (and how much), how much you want to upgrade for this time (longer upgrade = more discount).

So yep - even if you upgrade for just 1 week, you'll get a discount the 2nd time you upgrade. The site calculates how much you've contributed in total previously and adds a % discount to your bonus/discount for this top-up.

Hope that helps explain a bit
Matt @ 12/10/2016 09:53  

Signed up for 2 days before i realised this was something good. More than happy to pay the subscription. It does not exactly break the bank!
Ipaperclip @ 12/10/2016 10:33  

Cheers fella!
Matt @ 12/10/2016 14:27  

I like the forums and chat , its worth paying , you can do so much more x
Deleted Member @ 13/10/2016 02:47  

Works for me too,always got something on my mind....and if i carry on posting like i'll owe ME money.....hahahahahaaha
jinx57 @ 13/10/2016 13:20  

I hope not, I'm skint!
Matt @ 13/10/2016 15:31  

just one question...Who is Manda,and why does she vote Conservative ?? And is she a Lumberjack?
(strictly speaking,that's 3 questions,i know..:/>)
jinx57 @ 13/10/2016 22:45  

haha took me a while that one!
Matt @ 14/10/2016 14:05  

PML @ Jinx's post.
Sandi @ 23/10/2016 16:02  

Jinx lol , love your sence of humour x
Deleted Member @ 23/10/2016 19:30  

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