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NEW FEATURE: Redesigned profile display

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NEW FEATURE: Redesigned profile display

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Hi Madscot
Its at the bottom of the profile...well mine is showing site staff.
rowanblossom @ 09/06/2016 15:42  

Thanks Matt
Crimmy @ 09/06/2016 16:26  


i meant in forums or on main lists as bottom line of anything is if it requires effort to find most won't bother. It also means if you move a post or comment as a staff member is clearer that your site staff on forum.

Every forum I've been a mod on marks the staff so people can see or ask for help easier. Nothing to do with profiles in itself
madscots @ 09/06/2016 17:24  

Been trying to make some changes to my profile but it's not saved any Made about four attempts now
Will try on laptop later in case it's just my phone causing the problem but anyone know if I'm doing something wrong ?
I did click on the save icon before you ask Not that senile yet :)
feylin @ 11/06/2016 11:10  

Like Stuie my ipad doesn't like the new profile design, double tapping doesn't enlarge the photos and I cannot scroll within a profile to read what is disappearing off the bottom of the small window that opens when I click on a profile. Clicking on a profile link doesn't open the profile in a new page except once I found when loading a profile from the chat room
Deleted Member @ 15/06/2016 19:26  

Hi Matt, just been trying to add photos to a newly created album for Preston Custom Bike Show. The first batch of pix disappeared and ended up on an existing album. You only seem to have two options, to add photos or delete album. How to you move the pictures to the right album, please?
Catkins @ 27/06/2016 01:11  

Madscots... It's indeed at the bottom of profiles. Forums are next on my to-do list for a full rebuild. I will definitely include it on the new forums design so people can see straight away who's staff.

Feylin, did you get it fixed with regards to editing and saving?

Catkins, I'll need to add a new feature for moving photos to other albums. A little bit more complicated than it sounds unfortunately. I'll see what I can do.

Everyone else... Crapple products (iPads, IPhones etc) have a big problem I've been unable to fix (trying for a few weeks). The problem is that Apple hijacks the double-click command, completely against internet standards (but who's gonna argue with Apple? Lol).
I'm working on a new solution to fix this and will let you know when done.
For now - deleting, rotating etc of photos cannot be done from Apple devices.

Matt @ 27/06/2016 22:29  

Cheers, thanks Matt :)
Catkins @ 28/06/2016 06:01  

I deleted a few photos from an album and now they're back . Is there something else i should be doing as well as clicking on the wee bucket ?
Don't want to have to delete the whole album and start again
Any help appreciated , thanks
Crimmy @ 28/06/2016 09:17  

Ummm, still experimenting on the new photos do you change your profile pic, Matt, or is that not an option right now? Ta muchly.
Catkins @ 29/06/2016 18:07  

Hi Matt
Im having trouble with seeing whos on line, new members etc on my tablet just comes up with no matches found try another search any ideas on what to do?
smiler2964 @ 29/06/2016 20:12  

Hi Matt

Nope , still trying to edit my "more info " bit on profile but it keeps reverting to the original text
Tried deleting the whole lot and nope, its still there
Have been able to change other parts but not the bulk text.
I dont want to disable the profile just cos stuff in there needs changing

feylin @ 29/08/2016 11:35  

And where's my explanation for putting captions on my photos??..i'm still asking politely...pliz...:)>
jinx57 @ 29/08/2016 12:12  

Feylin do you refresh the page after you've edited your profile? Sometimes that is all it needs for your editing to show. Jinx, captions have been dealt with, working fine now.
Sandi @ 12/09/2016 18:58  

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