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Which Sat Nav for the bike?

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Which Sat Nav for the bike?

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The local Aldi had a special offer on the remaining Zumo 390LM units and I managed to get one.

Charged the battery and will need to look at how to mount it on the trike, not going to fit it to the 125 as may be a distraction I don't need yet.

Might use it in the car as my current one keeps saying it has run out of memory and I have to keep clearing memory to get it to calculate the route again.
Morseman @ 21/05/2016 07:42  

I just installed the 390 on my bike. I'm quite pleased with it so far. I paid for the camera data add on. Might be a license saver! Make sure you get bluetooth for your helmet. I've been riding without, and I have to look at the screen too much without audio directions.
Ducati_Steve @ 21/05/2016 09:11  

Yes, I guess a Bluetooth for directions will be the next thing to look for. I'll be putting it on the trike rather than the bike as I tend to do longer trips where I need to get to a particular place more often on the trike at the moment.

I've been told that there are some Bluetooth units called "BT" something, so will lookout for them and will start to google as well.
Morseman @ 21/05/2016 13:22  

If you want voice guidance via Bluetooth you'll need one of the motorcycle specific units. I'm not aware of any "car" units that offer Bluetooth out. That and waterproofing are why bike specific units are so much more expensive.
I cobbled up a cheap alternative with a used Garmin Nuvi 500 a few years ago. It's a waterproof model, but to get audio out I drilled a hole in the case and soldered in a 3.5mm female headphone jack to the speaker wires. I either connected it to headphones directly or used a cheap Bluetooth 'sender" If you're not worried about rain you could do the same with any satnav I suppose.

Beware of cheap BT intercom/headsets. I've owned a couple of budget ones and while they work, I found they were compromised by their'll be lucky to hear anything at motorway speeds. Try to find a used Sena set; they can be had for around 100 quid (150 odd new) and you'll never look back.
Ducati_Steve @ 24/05/2016 07:42  

I seem to be settling for my Samsung S5 mini running on google downloaded maps. It's waterproof. And ya can be a cheapskate like me n use headphones or get a Bluetooth headset :-)
MrBen @ 25/05/2016 14:32  

Nothing wrong with using a phone. I used to use a Note 2 until it fell off the bike. I didn't notice until my music cut off! By the time it dawned on me why I was a mile down the road. Never found it :-(

As for headphones, you could have a look at these:;psc=1

I have a set coming today as a backup to my Sena system.
Ducati_Steve @ 25/05/2016 16:15  

I've just checked them out. They look good.
I'll consider getting some when the ones I have bite the dust ;-)
MrBen @ 25/05/2016 21:00  

Good Grief...just point the bloody bike and ride it...even the Romans managed without it...concentrate on where you're going,it'll be all right...honest...:) failing all else ,buy a map and stuff it in your jacket,it's not that big an island...
jinx57 @ 20/08/2016 13:41  

Re-igniting this as I'm thinking of getting a Tomtom Rider 410. Excepting previous comments, yes I can read a map, a bike specific sat nav has to be an aid in my opinion. Can anyone add constructive opinions on the Tomtom against the Garmin alternatives?. Cheers M.
Murdoch3352 @ 28/10/2016 20:11  

Tom Tom app on my iPhone is great
Benh @ 29/10/2016 19:52  

Cheers Benh, I'll check that out. M.
Murdoch3352 @ 30/10/2016 08:18  

Checked out the Tomtom app for the iPhone, slight flaw, I don't have enough available memory lol. Think I need to update the phone. M
Murdoch3352 @ 30/10/2016 10:37  

get a map lmao
kaycat @ 30/10/2016 16:58  

KC, I got plenty maps lol, and a qualification in reading em, just fancy some assistance. M...
Murdoch3352 @ 30/10/2016 20:12  

Take a pillion??
jinx57 @ 01/11/2016 19:05  

It's a fair option Jinx but I'm being greedy I want both lol.
Murdoch3352 @ 01/11/2016 21:02  

Hey Dr M , I do a really good impression of a Nag Nav!! (so Stu tells me) , perhaps there is another more updated model out there waiting to be discovered
Lindsay @ 02/11/2016 00:13  

Lol, cheers Lins, you never know I guess though maybe e-bay is not the place I should be looking then ?.
Murdoch3352 @ 02/11/2016 21:51  

No Murdoch you cant buy pets on ebay
JP @ 03/11/2016 17:11  

Wanna Bet...?
jinx57 @ 03/11/2016 18:01  

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