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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Ring Of Red M25 London 8th November

Ring Of Red M25 London 8th November - Forums [Biker Match] Ring Of Red M25 London 8th November - Forums [Biker Match]
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Ring Of Red M25 London 8th November

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This will be the 3rd year and it is getting bigger. For those who have not done this before. It is a ride around the M25 with everyone wearing red. There are various start points at service stations on the M25. The idea is to form a continous ring of red in honour of the fallen. It is not necessary to do the full M25, but it is best to ride for an hour, to ensure the ring is connected. Last year it was also done around the Manchester ring and I believe it will be the same this year.
davidneale @ 30/09/2015 22:11  

I've booked the day off already.

You starting from Thurrock Dave ?
DAVE VM @ 30/09/2015 22:25  

Yes Dave
davidneale @ 30/09/2015 22:44  

Stuie and I did Manchester last year, but we are considering doing M25 this year, so watch ya pockets the 'North(ish) contingency may be in attendance
Lindsay @ 01/10/2015 13:39  

Hey I enjoyed last year and I have me big red T shirt so I may well be up for either.

do they have brown sauce down South to put on bacon Butties ????????
VFR800AJ @ 01/10/2015 15:15  

AJ, Look at the label on HP Sauce, it's got the Houses of Parliament of the front, (and nobody got more sauce then them)
We have Bacon Sandwiches, Rolls, Baps and Baguettes, but sorry no butties.
Ragnar @ 01/10/2015 15:55  

We have butter :-)
It will be good to see you guys again.
davidneale @ 01/10/2015 17:51  

I will post this to events soon.
But it will be for Thurrock services start point.
Peeps can start at any of the other designated services.

We normally ride around to the A24 then down to Rykas.
davidneale @ 01/10/2015 17:54  

Is that the café at Box Hill?
bugsbunny @ 01/10/2015 21:31  

That's the one Bugs.
davidneale @ 01/10/2015 21:46  

What time will you be getting there?
bugsbunny @ 02/10/2015 17:16  

Do you mean at Rykas?

Not sure of any times until organisers release final details.
davidneale @ 02/10/2015 17:41  

stutts @ 02/10/2015 22:34  

Nice one Stutts
davidneale @ 03/10/2015 01:51  

Did it last year and will do it again this time.. will be starting from Fleet Services
Lynn660 @ 03/10/2015 16:43  

Good on you Lynn :-)
davidneale @ 03/10/2015 16:48  

I've asked for the day off, but my manager is on holiday that weekend and done the diary already for that weekend.
Hopefully he can get someone else in.
Ragnar @ 05/10/2015 18:56  

Just received two ring of red T shirts we are all ready for the event now.
bugsbunny @ 08/10/2015 23:31  

I borrowed one off Linz last time. So it's true, I do wear women's clothing.
VFR800AJ @ 09/10/2015 07:59  


AJ, You wanna borrow another one??!?!
Lindsay @ 09/10/2015 13:46  

 Posts: 42       Pages: 1/3

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