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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Ring Of Red M25 London 8th November

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Ring Of Red M25 London 8th November

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Hope it wasn’t minging when she got it back.

bugsbunny @ 09/10/2015 20:30  

It was freshly laundered and ironed by Mrs AJ, delivered by Mr Postie to my door.

I have no complaints, which is why i have no qualms offering AJ my wardrobe once more ... although i think my raspberry stilletos are not gonna be part of the offer ...

Lindsay @ 09/10/2015 21:04  

I already have a red T shirt one for my birthday if you remember.

I have the green light to go on this but will confirm a little nearer the time
VFR800AJ @ 11/10/2015 08:54  

Sadly looks like a change of plan for Stuie n me :)

We will be doing M60 Ring Of Red instead.

Catch up with you guys in the New Year. Ride safe x
Lindsay @ 25/10/2015 22:34  

Ok Linz,

Ride safe and hope to see you on another ride.
davidneale @ 25/10/2015 22:38  

Hi all we are going to be coming from Aylesbury so it looks like a full circle of M25 to catch up with you at Box Hill and get back to Aylesbury again.
bugsbunny @ 27/10/2015 19:49  

We are going to zip round to Thurrock services and start there. What time are you planning to get in the starting line?
bugsbunny @ 01/11/2015 21:14  

Still a outside chance I could make this.
If I can get another instructor to come in on Sunday, then I can have the day off, but I won't see him until Saturday to ask him.
Ragnar @ 03/11/2015 19:29  

Now on events page get your name down if your going.
bugsbunny @ 03/11/2015 19:30  


Got the day off, so I'll be heading for a Thurrock start.
I'll be easy to spot, I'll be wearing a red T-Shirt over my jacket.
Ragnar @ 04/11/2015 18:42  

I was thinking of wearing a red poppy to stand out. Me and Lin will see you there.
bugsbunny @ 04/11/2015 19:04  

So it's not a curry night then?
ROFL (but I'm easily amused).
Steve_H @ 04/11/2015 20:24  

If I par take in a chicken curry of the fowl variety.
That's between me and the bog
Ragnar @ 04/11/2015 21:40  

I probably wont get there until 12-30. We have to wait for Lindas grandson to be picked up. So if we miss you, we will see you at Rykas.
davidneale @ 05/11/2015 01:57  

OK David we will save Linda and you a seat.
bugsbunny @ 05/11/2015 22:24  

I think they will bring there own seats.
Ragnar @ 05/11/2015 22:28  

Had a bit of an accident at work today and fractured my middle
finger one bone is now in four bits. If the swelling has not gone down so that
I can get a glove on and pull the clutch with my good fingers we will have to
miss the Ring of Red ride.

bugsbunny @ 06/11/2015 19:48  

That's a shame Bugs. I hope it goes down if not I'm sure we'll catch up soon.
Ragnar @ 06/11/2015 19:57  

Hope its better soon Bugs x
lindaloki @ 06/11/2015 20:15  

Sorry to hear that Bugs.
davidneale @ 06/11/2015 22:42  

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