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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Dent? October?

Dent? October? - Forums [Biker Match] Dent? October? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Dent? October?

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Can't do this one
SlowGoose @ 27/09/2015 20:28  

havfun @ 29/09/2015 10:34  

thats a shame goosy...good laugh last time tho
dizzydot @ 29/09/2015 12:08  

The Breakfast Club.

Would all those camping please bring a stove and pan.
We can buy the grub locally, and hav a reet gud fry-up, with all cooking one item each.
XKLYBR @ 29/09/2015 12:23  

The best idea I've ever heard XK.
I'm proud to be a member of The Breakfast Club.
Not sure how many are camping each day.
I'll bring 8 quality sausages.
dustin666 @ 29/09/2015 21:15  

What? Dusty's 8" quality sausage? Glad I'm in the pub :-)
Steve_H @ 02/10/2015 19:16  

Ooh Steve, have you been having a sneaky peek?

dustin666 @ 05/10/2015 18:43  

havfun @ 06/10/2015 09:29  

Is it O.K. to turn up for the Saturday? If so, where and when?
nostawuk @ 08/10/2015 18:26  

Well nostaw, if it's 10 ish. Probably the cafe next to high Lanning.
if it's evening , we'll be in the pub.
if it's afternoon, out on the bikes.
dustin666 @ 09/10/2015 01:35  

barrrhumbug got to work sat barrrrr
havfun @ 09/10/2015 16:26  

Hi Nosta.
I see you've just joined so your welcome along, put you name down. I'll pm the my mobile later to those that confirm they are coming, but reception in Dent Dale can be flaky.
As Dusty say's we'll either be cafe, out on the bikes or in the pub.
Suggest you try and get there early and come for a ride out.
10am for us riding is a good idea... but optimistic so it might be a tad later, we will be gone before midday.
Not far for you though so we'll expect you early :-)

Steve_H @ 09/10/2015 19:39  

All things going well, I'll make the café before 10ish then
nostawuk @ 10/10/2015 22:16  

Cool. Are you bringing your tent?
Steve_H @ 11/10/2015 21:25  

Unfortunately not, I'm in Hull on Sunday training dogs
nostawuk @ 13/10/2015 12:19  

And the weather forecast for the weekend is ,,,,
11c during the day ( T shirt & shorts)
3c during the night ( sleeping nekkid)
WOW . That's only one degree cooler than a Northern Summer lol.
Should be a great ride-out.

dustin666 @ 14/10/2015 10:04  

if i don't have to work Saturday I'm up for a camping weekend will be Friday around 5,30 when i arrive
Is it the hill side camp or posh flat one as you come into dent
tb500 @ 14/10/2015 15:18  

"Posh" ? not exactly glamping but yes, it's the flat one on the left as you come in from the west (or the last one on the right going t'other way).
'Our' preferred pitching area is against the stone wall along from the shower/toilet block - in case you arrive first or the bikes are away when you get there (which is unlikely, they'll be in't pub - take your pick).
izzyhill @ 14/10/2015 15:42  

Yep, it's the posh, flat one. You'll find me in the pub
Steve_H @ 14/10/2015 19:06  

Breakfast club.
Dusty = 6 sausages , 6 tattie scones.
Squeaky door = fresh bacon.
XK = 6 eggs.
anyone else wanting to join XK's breakfast club . Please add your name and menu item.
p.s. You need to cook your own breakfast item.
dustin666 @ 15/10/2015 15:54  

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