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last page of thread

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last page of thread

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Is anyone else experiencing a problem with the forums? I click to go to the last page of a thread and it ends up at least 10 pages short of the last page.

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double six @ 25/06/2015 20:26  

Yep, I've just noticed that too D6....thought I'd been transported back in time!!

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Deleted Member @ 25/06/2015 20:35  

yes appears to be 2013 posts :(

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Deleted Member @ 25/06/2015 21:47  

ah crap, that'll be my fault.
is it still doing it? it shouldn't be. Tell me which topic and which buttons you're pressing on

Preparing for the new forums and screwing with the database

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Matt @ 25/06/2015 22:00  


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Matt @ 25/06/2015 22:06  

Yes, looks OK to me now. Nice one Matt.

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double six @ 25/06/2015 22:08  

Good respond Matt. It gave me a chuckle on a miserable Friday morning :-)

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Steve_H @ 26/06/2015 06:01  

   Update Reply
Matt @ 26/06/2015 08:59  

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