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New Feature: Profile Searching v2

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New Feature: Profile Searching v2

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Am I going mad? Has my computer malfunctioned? Or does anyone else need a magnifying glass to see the profile pics on search results!!!! Why was the format changed it seemed fine to me as it was. Sorry but I really don't like it my eyes aren't that bad but even with glasses I'm struggling..........!! I'm talking about the pics of course, nothing else one might need a magnifying glass for!!!!!!!!
Deleted Member @ 20/06/2015 18:41  

Oh and I selected looking for males and got females! Not that I'm not looking for riding buddies of both sexes of course but...............
Deleted Member @ 20/06/2015 18:43  

Answer to second bit. On the first part of search put that you are looking for males and then in the "more" part put female. That should work.

As to the first, not a clue, the pics look alright on my tablet.
rowanblossom @ 20/06/2015 23:54  

Boo, are you using a mobile phone? Or computer? What browser etc?
Matt @ 21/06/2015 15:24  

Search page now remembers your search input, so if you go to a profile and then hit the back button, it will remember where you was
Matt @ 22/06/2015 14:16  

Geek Boy strikes again lol
Brummie Jackie @ 22/06/2015 14:54  

I'm on a roll eh :-D
Matt @ 22/06/2015 15:07  

 Posts: 27       Pages: 2/2

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