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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Midlanders visit to Squires

Midlanders visit to Squires - Forums [Biker Match] Midlanders visit to Squires - Forums [Biker Match]
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Midlanders visit to Squires

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Oh right I thought it was a dinosaur lol xx
VFR800AJ @ 09/06/2015 16:38  

Hi everyone.
Iam up for squires 26th if i can get the weekend off i have never been will it be a day ride or stop over.
Deleted Member @ 09/06/2015 19:38  

I will trundle up to Squires with my 'poon!
Lindsay @ 09/06/2015 20:42  

i'm only having a day out.
VFR800AJ @ 09/06/2015 20:52 such thing as 'only' Aj
purplebetty @ 09/06/2015 21:04  

Correct PB xx You can probably add coffee and bacon butties at the very least plus CAKE !!!!!!!!!!!!! mmmmmmmmmmm
VFR800AJ @ 09/06/2015 21:33  

A good day out in good company sound good to me AJ.
Three goods bet i couldnt do that again lol.
Deleted Member @ 10/06/2015 20:59  

I shall see if i can persuade Mr Ken to spend the day with me dancing pilly for him :)
Brummie Jackie @ 12/06/2015 10:08  

@ said THAT word....CAKE!!!!!!'ve done it now!

purplebetty @ 12/06/2015 10:33  

I can see a rideout to Kitchen @ Snaith being required ... ; )

Lindsay @ 12/06/2015 21:28  


'Tis positively expected!!!!
purplebetty @ 12/06/2015 21:34  

Better book a table then ... I dont want to miss out on the Toffee Eclairs ... **drooling at the thought** cor missus they aint half yummy!
Lindsay @ 15/06/2015 18:24  

A table! A TABLE!!!...... Dontcha mean the whole shop?
purplebetty @ 15/06/2015 18:52  

Errrmm, i was being selfish, thinking only of myself *hangs head in shame*... Please forgive me!

Lindsay @ 15/06/2015 19:20  


dontcha mean you were thinking of the Toffee Eclairs? Tis a more likely excuse!

makes note to order biker sized cream cakes for AJ's pootle to Squires.
purplebetty @ 15/06/2015 19:39  

This still hasn't appeared on 'Events' any ideas ?????????????
VFR800AJ @ 16/06/2015 06:42  

Have you asked for it to be put on events AJ?

Sometimes people set up these meet ups but don't bother making it official. I think if you ask one of the mods or Events Organiser (not sure who that is), they'll do it for you.
purplebetty @ 16/06/2015 09:32  

Think you will need BJ to do it for you as I think Ken is unwell at the min
JP @ 16/06/2015 09:50  

On the events calendar now :)
Brummie Jackie @ 16/06/2015 11:55  

Thankyou Jackie
purplebetty @ 16/06/2015 15:02  

 Posts: 163       Pages: 2/9

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