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Welsh Ride Out

Welsh Ride Out - Forums [Biker Match] Welsh Ride Out - Forums [Biker Match]
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Welsh Ride Out

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aw give it up Exup...ya know you like being ogled at by us English women
rowanblossom @ 07/06/2015 09:27  

ExupRichR1 @ 07/06/2015 10:37  

I'm up for it, will also watch the thread with interest! :)
canislupus @ 07/06/2015 14:49  

Hahaha!! Nice one Rich!! :-D
Croozer1969 @ 07/06/2015 15:43  

Right I have resubmitted this for posting onto Events (I think I may have missed out putting a post code), Will keep an eye open for it and let you know when its up.

rowanblossom @ 11/06/2015 13:56  

All looks good for 23rd , no rallies or owt till the weekend after :-)

ExupRichR1 @ 12/06/2015 23:10  

ooh ladies will get to look at something other than the scenary then

Exup if you have any suggestions of where to go???? (play nice now )
rowanblossom @ 13/06/2015 08:20  

Damn you , steal my thunder why don't ya Jo lol, ok I'll play nice, I think for those travelling in from afar, Betws Y Coed should be the end game as most who need to get home for a chill before reality Monday can just jump on the boring A55 if it's getting on time wise.
Depends what everyone wants, beech destination or Snowdonia Scenery
Just a quick sensible numpty bit, please respect our towns and villages , people have to live here, white sign with the black diagonal is the correct play area
ExupRichR1 @ 13/06/2015 14:49  

Scenery n a nice cuppa n cake pleeeeeease Mr Exup!

However, im sure i could manage beach, chish n fips followed by icrecream ;)

Now thats a tough choice innit? ..hmmm, scenery, twisties would be lovely ....
Lindsay @ 13/06/2015 19:34  

Sorry folks, still not on events. Should be soon though.

rowanblossom @ 17/06/2015 13:28  

Obviously I am doing something wrong as still not showing on events.....will try again

rowanblossom @ 21/06/2015 00:02  

Oooh, it looks like we may be doing this one, having spoken to Mr Exup at FYP, it sounds like its gonna be magnifi-bulous! Looking forward to it.

Lindsay @ 21/06/2015 17:55  

ooooh is it a good route planned. @Exup if you let me have the route I will print some copies off to hand around (just in case anyone is daft enough to follow me!).

rowanblossom @ 22/06/2015 13:53  

Now on events, apologies for delay

Brummie Jackie @ 22/06/2015 22:22  

Not your fault BJ, totally mine for not putting as much info as I should have. Ta for shoving it on.

Sooooooo come on folks, get yer pictures on the events.

And girls me @Exup is worth attending this won't be looking at the scenery lmao (ooh I think I may pay for that!!!)

anyway, moving swiftly on before Ex up catches me....This is a fantastic day out. Great way to meet other BMers so don't be shy. Doesn't matter what bike you have, everyone is welcome.

rowanblossom @ 22/06/2015 23:07  

Jo, stop embarrassing @Exup...The poor man gets all flustered and is blushing more than a belisha beacon!

Mind you, she is right ladies ... ;)
Lindsay @ 22/06/2015 23:18  

Croozer1969 @ 22/06/2015 23:30  

Any chance you can post the route on here when its done?
Even though im down in Brecon i'd love to meet you guys and gals, Rich is the only BMer i've met...yes he's a great guy but i dont fancy him at all!
Maybe i can meet up with you for part of the route.... :-D
Croozer1969 @ 22/06/2015 23:36  

Well that's just shocking Croozer....everyone fancies ExUp ( gonna pay )

Yeah the route will be posted (and I will also hand out copies on the day).

rowanblossom @ 23/06/2015 06:53  

which bike Linz?

Stuie. @ 25/06/2015 23:37  

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