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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Margate Meltdown.

Margate Meltdown. (1) - Forums [Biker Match] Margate Meltdown. (1) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Margate Meltdown.

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Just got back from the annual Margate Meltdown. Not as warm and sunny as it might have been but the rain held off and it was a fun day. Sadly the vendors there were more suited to a much smaller event and were basically selling the usual average to poor stuff, much overpriced, and as the bikers are by and large a canny bunch of people, the stalls were not doing a hell of a lot of business. I really don't need an AC/DC cut off T-shirt for £20! Neither do I want cheap nappa 'cruiser' gloves for the same price as I can get reasonable deerskin gloves elsewhere. Notable by their absence were the motorcycle dealers . But hey! It was a good day meeting up with people I hadn't seen for a while and there was good reasonably priced food and drink to be had. I have to say that the F3-S was viewed and approved by many people. hopefully I made some peeps think about taking an interest. Oh! I forgot to take my camera once again! Doh!!

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Deleted Member @ 25/05/2015 18:36  

@OJ, we didnt see you, but we did see F3-s leaving, and i did say to Stu, thats what OJs got! Bums, i should have jumped out on ya!
We are still here, just about to go out n find dinner!

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Lindsay @ 25/05/2015 18:56  

Indeed you should have Linz! Woulda been nice to have met you an' Stu. In fact I would've hung around a bit longer and treated you both to din-dins!!

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Deleted Member @ 25/05/2015 20:26  

Oh well next time maybe OJ?!

We are home n safe, Margate was an experience and a good time was had.

Sorry to all those we didnt get to meet up with, i am sure our paths will cross very soon.

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Lindsay @ 26/05/2015 20:58  

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