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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

farm yard rally

farm yard rally - Forums [Biker Match] farm yard rally - Forums [Biker Match]
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farm yard rally

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sorry folks but i wont be at this one, first time i,v missed it for a lot of years, i,m at Olivers Mount but i,m sure you will still have a great time, would suggest you still park in the same place as most people know were this spot is, see you at KISS
Bikeabill @ 17/06/2015 06:25  

The Farmyard without Bikeabill???

Hope you have a great weekend at Oliver's Mount, I'm sure you will!

See you at the next rally whichever that will be
Karey @ 17/06/2015 08:03  

Aww Bill . Not rallying again !
I have a spare ticket £30 . Otg £40 !!!
Contact me for details thanks
Ninja Lou @ 17/06/2015 15:21  

I regret, due to a gammy foot, I cannot attend either.
XKLYBR @ 17/06/2015 16:37  

The ladies will be somewhat neglected, good job I'm going, when I eventually get away from work! ;-)
YID @ 17/06/2015 18:49  

I somehow think 'the ladies' will be more than capable of looking after themselves ; )

Not long now ... 2 BIG sleeps!

Lindsay @ 17/06/2015 19:09  

Happy early Farmyard Day! Whether you're heading there today or tomorrow, ride safe, enjoy yourselves and PARTY!!!!!!
Deleted Member @ 18/06/2015 11:06  

Have fun folks
Brummie Jackie @ 19/06/2015 09:35  

Hope you're all settled in, tents up, beers downed :>
Alice2 @ 19/06/2015 20:45  

can hear plenty of bikes going past
saw plenty loaded up on my way back toharrogate this afternoon
havfun @ 19/06/2015 21:54  

bit quite here at Olivers Mount tonight missing TFYR already but think there,s a group on here tomorrow night so could be better
Bikeabill @ 20/06/2015 00:26  

Had a fantabulous weekend, thanks for the giggles and fun peeps!

Hope everyone got home safe n sound and all headaches have now worn off (Gorgeous!)

Amanda hope bike gets sorted, Wolfie put those aching tootsies up and Sal what a gal, smiling in the face of adversity!

Great to see Vince (Tall Actually) and Exup-Rich too, helluva journey for you both, hope your ride home was relatively easy!
Lindsay @ 21/06/2015 16:51  

Stuie. @ 21/06/2015 17:50  

rileymtr @ 21/06/2015 18:15  

Stuie. @ 21/06/2015 20:06  

Lindsay @ 21/06/2015 20:10  

Excellent weekend, paying for it now, jiggered, great to run into and natter with a few BM'ers, next time will be planned a bit better route wise,motorways are evil, hope all had a ball and home safe
ExupRichR1 @ 21/06/2015 20:14  

Are they still looking for Allen?
davidneale @ 21/06/2015 20:34  

Its now looking like it was Steve near the hole. Alan still hasnt been spoted
Stuie. @ 21/06/2015 20:38  

Steves over there near the shrubbery with the picket fence.
rileymtr @ 21/06/2015 22:49  

 Posts: 69       Pages: 3/4

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