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farm yard rally

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farm yard rally

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We will be there, only missed one over the years, my kids used to call it 'your rally' ... ie my excuse to party!

I cant wait gonna be in the music tent all night this year, fully intend to make the most of the ticket price! Will probably end the night/morning in the tent with the comfy seats.

Really, really looking forward to this one, need to let my hair down n paaaarrrrrrtttttyyyyyy! BRING IT ON!
Lindsay @ 07/05/2015 18:28  

I'm working at the rally this year in the Holy Joe's tea tent for a couple of shifts and then partying when off duty :-)
Deleted Member @ 18/05/2015 15:37  

Done a few MAG rallies but never Farmyard - looking forward to it!
Deleted Member @ 18/05/2015 16:22  

Tickets obtained via the Marvellous Martin, Yippee! Just got to pick em up..

Not long now, kipper is getting giddy already!
Lindsay @ 21/05/2015 18:44  

Ooh ticket purchased. Bring it on :-)

SPESH @ 24/05/2015 11:21  

A quick run over to see Marvellous Martin today and to collect the tickets.

Really looking forward to this one, not long to go now.

It will be good to catch up with everyone.
Lindsay @ 31/05/2015 20:39  

Not done the Farmyard at the new site,think the last one was at Foxhill's in 1998

ExupRichR1 @ 31/05/2015 23:04  

Foxholes, hell yeah, it was fab at Cat Babbleton Farm ... Oh the memories come flooding back.

I probably stumbled into you in my drunken state! Lol
I think it moved from Foxholes around 95/96... Not too sure though. Get yaself to Helmsley @Exup its a great venue
Lindsay @ 31/05/2015 23:11  

Will check dates and who my way is up for a bimble, could be right on years, not my forte, 90's were a party blur lol

ExupRichR1 @ 31/05/2015 23:29  

Know how you feel, only reason i think it was earlier is my son was born in feb 93 n daughter in oct 94 ...and i know not long after it moved from foxholes...

Oh that muddy filthy stockyard n the barn... The tiny little track down the valley, getting down there on back of a hardtail chop was defo an experience of a lifetime! Oh those were the days .... Young, foolish and living the dream!!! Hope you make it, its a great rally.
Lindsay @ 31/05/2015 23:39  

Must be fate , mate posted he had a spare ticket on FB tonight as someone dropped out, FYP it is then
ExupRichR1 @ 01/06/2015 21:37  

Cool, see ya there @Exup, i will be the one wearing a stoopid hat n guzzling a bottle of Jack Daniels!

@Stuie will be the tall geezer...
Lindsay @ 01/06/2015 21:47  

OOOOoh me tickets come, just need to.get there yay
SPESH @ 04/06/2015 16:54  

Change of plans. I can't do this one now, due to lack work and funds.
davidneale @ 04/06/2015 19:32  

Aww David thats a shame, we will have a drink or six for ya though
Lindsay @ 04/06/2015 20:50  

Woohoo! Just heard from The Gorgeous One, he will be joining the party.. yippee!!
Lindsay @ 05/06/2015 22:23  

cant wait for this gonna be a blast hopefully janice will be with us too and the lovely viv and even our lovely miff will be with us saturday evening hopefully so all my fav peeps together for a fab party
zzrbabe42 @ 07/06/2015 09:52  

Not long now folks, only 4 BIG sleeps!

Feeling kipperish.

Is it here yet? Can we go? Huh? Huh? Pleeeeease...
Lindsay @ 15/06/2015 18:21  

Shall be travelling up there from Manchester Friday afternoon / evening depending on what time I get out of work. Plan on finding a spot in the fire field, hopefully!

Is there a plan to have a rendesvous at some point Friday night or Sat afternoon, maybe, or are we leaving it to pot luck bumping in to faces we recognise over the festivities?
PCGuru @ 16/06/2015 00:08  

Look for Bm flag . On right hand side of road opposite the entangle to stalls
Ninja Lou @ 16/06/2015 00:26  

 Posts: 69       Pages: 2/4

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