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Lake District

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Lake District

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@xk, some of em can do 18, some also have additional camping possibility, its a case of numbers n preference. Also quite a lot of em are within easy trundling/stumbling distance of a pub.

Yes, i agree sooner rather than later for booking purpose, but surely thats the same with many of the campsites too?

Just to clarify, it was only a suggestion to throw into the mix, its @SG's baby, i am sure he will let us know when he has it sorted.

Oh btw, im interested in attending, im sure @Stuie. will be too, date dependent of course (i will check with him!)

Lindsay @ 17/03/2015 06:46  

Will be looking at the barn thing and hope to sort out dates soon.
Should be a good weekend if its not usual Lakes weather!!
SlowGoose @ 17/03/2015 22:12  

Thanks for the PM Goosey - reply sent!

Really hope I can make this. Love the Lakes and makes it perfect on bikes with a great bunch of like-minded folk!!

Ian141 @ 18/03/2015 08:53  

Is there camping as well as the barn thing? I like camping :-)
Steve_H @ 18/03/2015 18:18  

I'd prefer to camp too..
Triple955 @ 18/03/2015 18:38  

A long time ago, I used to camp at Brothers Water.
We could have a bonfire, and it was next to a pub.
XKLYBR @ 18/03/2015 19:26  

A bonfire would be good.
Next to a pub is good.
Tentage is also good.

Sounds like a plan is developing.
As for dates, its gonna have to be in the school hols so I can get the Friday off.
SlowGoose @ 18/03/2015 20:29  

Camping is OK with me too. Especially if it's near a pub...;-)

Ian141 @ 18/03/2015 23:45  

About 3 years ago, BM went to a barn in Borrowdale.
It had camping outside, and close to the village pub.

Not sure about a bonfire, tho.
XKLYBR @ 19/03/2015 12:27  

Hope it's weekend when my lot with thier dad, if not all have a amazing time keep safe.
GUINNESS RIDER @ 19/03/2015 15:56  

For me a fire is not a necessity, but camping and a pub is!
Steve_H @ 19/03/2015 17:47  

I'm hoping it's a weekend my lad's with his mum!!!!

Any news on dates folks?
Ian141 @ 19/03/2015 20:31  

How does the weekend starting Friday 29th June sound?
SlowGoose @ 19/03/2015 21:26  

It's Friday 26th June...and if it's that good for me...
Triple955 @ 19/03/2015 23:31  

That clashes with 2 other events - France and Cornwall.
XKLYBR @ 20/03/2015 09:02  

Sorry, meant Friday 29th May
SlowGoose @ 20/03/2015 11:09  

Good for me
XKLYBR @ 20/03/2015 12:06  

ok from me
Vladamir @ 20/03/2015 17:44  

Probably ok for me...will know nearer the time..
Triple955 @ 20/03/2015 18:09  

No go for me but all have a good un if that's the date you go. GS you had lucky escape no dashing tootsies on show lol
GUINNESS RIDER @ 20/03/2015 21:39  

 Posts: 129       Pages: 2/7

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