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New Update- Brand new events calendar!

New Update- Brand new events calendar! - Forums [Biker Match] New Update- Brand new events calendar! - Forums [Biker Match]
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New Update- Brand new events calendar!

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outof quorisity what was wrong wirh the old one it worked
havfun @ 25/02/2015 13:35  

Thanks for adding the birthdays Matt (have PMd you re this though).
rowanblossom @ 25/02/2015 13:53  

Not much better on the Laptop sorry but think the old one is better
JP @ 25/02/2015 17:17  

I prefer this one - renders nicely on the PC, and much easier to see what's relevant to my area of the country

Onwards and upwards
MrMike @ 25/02/2015 19:39  

Sorry Matt, I prefer the old layout. It gave you the "bigger picture" which is what most of us want when we are trying to plan our social engagements in advance and gave bikermatch the edge over other sites that have event schedules.

As you could scan events over a 3 month period, easily differentiating weekdays from weekends, one was able to get an overview of what was on offer, now by the time I'm looking at the end of March I can't remember what was going on at the beginning of the month let alone Jan or Feb.

If you had no clue as to when The Farmyard Rally was on, for example, you only had to use 4 clicks max to be able to scan the whole year now it's just a scroll fest.

From the event planning point of view there is no way we can quickly ascertain what weekends are still free to try and organise events on.

It is no longer a calendar, merely a month by month list of things that are happening and in my opinion is a severely retrograde step.
Scorpio54 @ 25/02/2015 20:07  

I like it but it could do with an all/none tick box on the options to save me untucking all of them boxes.

It doesn't scroll the calendar if using opera mini browser, but that's due to the way opera mini works, it works fine on full opera provided the off road option isn't set.
Nowt you can do about that so I'm just saying this for information.
Steve_H @ 25/02/2015 20:32  

Hi Matt, another standard member has pmd me with their comments...

"Don't like it. Liked to see the whole calender over 3 months and not just the events - that way you could find a quiet time to plan something, or distinguish a one-day meet from a 2-week touring "
rowanblossom @ 25/02/2015 23:48  

Is it posible to run both versions so we can have a choice asto what works best for us
havfun @ 26/02/2015 11:48  

Hi Matt, just a few more comments from standard members.
Can't see who posted the event,
can't see three months at a time,
doesn't work well on phone.
Not easy to get the info wanted.

rowanblossom @ 26/02/2015 13:48  

Hi Matt, had a chance to use events.

I have to say I preferred the old layout, you could see three months at once and it was easy to see what dates were free when arranging ride outs and events, especially when rally season kicked in. Not at all easy now.

That said i do like the map bit and the milage calculator

rowanblossom @ 01/03/2015 16:44  

I really like the map bit, clicking on it takes you to google maps too which is useful.
Steve_H @ 01/03/2015 16:51  

Ok but you need to add a year plan page
bugsbunny @ 01/03/2015 18:26  

Ok so how about this…. We run the new version, but I add a “Year Overview” button which opens up a new page and shows you literally the entire year in a nice, neat, cleaner view where you can easily spot the weekends, find holes in the agenda to plan your meetings, etc?

I’ll make it like the old calendar, but with 12 months side-by-side (each column being one month like before, but you will be able to scroll all the way to the right for the coming 12 months).

The old calendar had some serious security issues and HUGE performance problems (just opening the calendar had a massive hit on the server performance and took up to 10 seconds to open. Get 1,000 people using the site a the same time and that server hit drags the whole site down).

Anyhow, I’m working on making an “overview” like the old calendar for you all, as that seems to be the number 1 issue right now.

Forgot about the “Posted By” field also, I’ll add that tonight.

Matt @ 02/03/2015 11:43  

I'm usually all for change and improvement but I have to say I find the new events calendar difficult to use. It's not as easy to see at a glance what is coming up ??
Carolerd350 @ 02/03/2015 17:36  

Like the Year Overview idea, that will help

Glad the new calendar isn't creating the same performance issues - I noticed it was often slow to appear, didn't realise quite how bad it was!!
MrMike @ 02/03/2015 20:04  

Sounds like a plan??
rowanblossom @ 02/03/2015 20:42  

Fixed: Layout problems with old internet browsers (possibly mobiles, too)
Added: Name of person who posted, date posted, web/email/phone links (if available)

year overview will take me a little longer to implement, sorry. I need to throw away the old calendar completely and make something better
Matt @ 02/03/2015 21:54  

ADDED: Simple "Overview" page for each month! First draft so your feedback is welcome. It shows you simply a calendar for the chosen month + all events on each day. If you're logged in it'll also tell you the distance between you and the event! Weekends are highlighted in another colour to stand out. Clicking on the event will take you to that specific event. You can also click on each date in the overview page which will take you back to the Search page filtered to that specific date. You can also press the + icon to add a new event
Matt @ 14/04/2015 22:16  

Hi Matt, just had a quick look at the new Overview. It defo helps in planning the events over the year.

However, I note that Matlock Mayhem is on the Events Page but does not appear on the Overview. I havent looked at any other event but it might be worth checking that others arent missing too.

Lindsay @ 14/04/2015 23:53  

just go back, first time i'v seen the new calendar, it looks ok to me Mat but it would be handy if one of the calender pages could be a full years page to plan on and highlight events
Bikeabill @ 15/04/2015 07:10  

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