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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out


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Been karting at Stourbrige place callec Full Throttle great fun wondering if anyone would be interested in a B M karting day

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Deleted Member @ 08/02/2015 21:08  

Sounds good Smiler ... just avoid JP's bday or he won't join in! ;)

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Deleted Member @ 08/02/2015 21:29  

Oh i,ll findout when it is dont want him spitting his dummy out lol

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 08/02/2015 21:43  

don't post his exact bday date on here ... he'll spit feathers! lol

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Deleted Member @ 08/02/2015 21:50  


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VFR800AJ @ 08/02/2015 22:40  

Thats it Geoff pick on the fat kid cus we all know he dont have any feelings lol. Karting sounds like a laugh last time we did it Bill crashed into the back of me, Not that I brake tested him in any way

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JP @ 09/02/2015 03:14  

sounds good to me no letting tyres down now JP or other tactics lol

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Deleted Member @ 09/02/2015 17:35  

Me BJ did it I saw her

   Update Reply
JP @ 09/02/2015 18:18  

If my memory is correct i was shockingly bad lol but didnt let any tyres down ....i think

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Brummie Jackie @ 09/02/2015 19:14  

i could be interested in this it depends on were and when

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 09/02/2015 21:38  


Full Throttle
2-3 The Stourbridge Estate
Mill Race Lane

Looking at Sat 7th March 7.30pm then grab a bite to eat
Need to know numbers for booking asap
Looking at either the Indie Enduro 45 lap
Grand Prix
Both £30.00

Have a look and we'll go with majority.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 10/02/2015 12:49  

sounds like a plan :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 10/02/2015 13:13  

Change of date

saturday 4th April its easter saturday

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 10/02/2015 20:41  

Go on then

   Update Reply
JP @ 10/02/2015 20:44  

No bumping me i bruise easily jp lol

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Deleted Member @ 10/02/2015 20:50  

sorry i shall have to bale out on this as i will still be at the other side ofthe world

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 10/02/2015 21:59  

sorry i shall have to bale out on this as i will still be at the other side ofthe world

   Update Reply
Bikeabill @ 10/02/2015 21:59  


Been asked what about 14th March

So anyone interested in Karting let me know and which date

Sat 14th March or
Sat 4th April

majority wins

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 11/02/2015 11:17  

Can't do the March date too close to the mablethorpe weekend

   Update Reply
JP @ 11/02/2015 11:38  

can do either 14th March or 4th April ..... think I'll get splinters sitting on the fence!

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 11/02/2015 22:22  

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