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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Squires sunday 11th nov

Squires sunday 11th nov (7) - Forums [Biker Match] Squires sunday 11th nov (7) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Squires sunday 11th nov

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sorry i couldn't make it - i'm sure not many noticed but shall do better next time!! Glad you all had a great time em

   Update Reply
moonlighteclipse @ 12/11/2007 06:41  

I have some good pics from Squires and other events but it says there too big to add how do I re size them

   Update Reply
Cruiser gal @ 12/11/2007 06:48  

It may be easier if you emailed them to me to re-size instead of me trying to take you thro the process. I'll PM you my email addy

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 12/11/2007 06:53  

Thanks Kwak just had a play, not sure if it will work but will give it a go. Would be good to have your email though so I can send the others to you, thanks.

   Update Reply
Cruiser gal @ 12/11/2007 06:57  

Those two added ok C G, good pics, just a tad on the small size.

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 12/11/2007 07:12  

where will the pics be shown??

   Update Reply
moonlighteclipse @ 12/11/2007 08:41  

Hi all Once again, sorry I couldnt make although fully intended to. My other half had a surprise night out arranged for me on Sunday and we had family stuff going on during the day which changed our plans! However, we (Blue Hornet and myself!) will def be interested in meeting up with you all in the near future. TC and glad you all had such a good time as usual!! Sandy x

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 12/11/2007 09:00  

Just to say some great pics on the Events board, great to see everyone enjoying themselves !

   Update Reply
Nutkin68 @ 12/11/2007 11:44  

sorry i couldn't make it - i'm sure not many noticed but shall do better next time!! Em Hey Em you were missed

   Update Reply
Herne @ 12/11/2007 14:17  

Just had to say I thought the meet at Squires was brilliant. Cassie & I both had a great time meeting you all, even though hardly any of you look like your bloomin profile pics lol I, personally, thought the Squires meet was way cooler than most other meets I've been to and everyone seemed so much more sociable. Maybe it might've been 'cos there weren't any shops nearby to go off too (phew!) When's the next one Graham

   Update Reply
Blueboy955i @ 12/11/2007 15:56  

glad u all had a way cool time....................will deffo come to the next one even if i have to hire a car lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 12/11/2007 16:09  

What a nice day it was even if it was a little cold. So nice to meet new people and put faces to a names and to catch up with others......

   Update Reply
skins @ 12/11/2007 17:09  

Yea totally agree squires is a great meet. i'm deffo gonna have to find a few roads with bends in next time!!!

   Update Reply
bluesbiker @ 12/11/2007 17:14  

Was a bit better coming back blues.. even had that dodgy roundabout....LOL

   Update Reply
skins @ 12/11/2007 17:25  

id like to say thanks to graham for arranging squires it was great and i really enjoyed it, it was great to meet everyone and get to chat to some of you face to face, i look foward to seeing you all again, thanks graham

   Update Reply
gypsy-anne @ 12/11/2007 17:29  

Seconded Gypsy-anne,great meet,great company,great coffee,
Cheers Graham

Lc,Dragon,Tigz,both Steves,Monkeyhanger and those whos names escape me(sorry)was great to meet you all.Skins and Lula,nice to see you both looking so happy and fantastic to hear Jessicas doing so well

Lovely to see already familiar faces and catch up with some of you,DC twice we've met and never had a chance to chat,must remedy that next time.

Stella,sorry you missed out on Masham,was luverly!!!defo do it next time Note to Bullet,clear visor,cosy jumper and summat to tie Stella down with on the return journey,lol.

Kwak,well done buddy,got the pics will try and post them.

Thanks again Graham and put me down for the next one.

   Update Reply
Deleted Member @ 13/11/2007 14:55  

Cassie can't believe you forgot the name of the person who took such a fab picture of you both. Have you checked out the events page.

   Update Reply
Cruiser gal @ 13/11/2007 15:04  

cool time rc it was frezzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzing in me hotel all on me own

   Update Reply
diggerdaz @ 13/11/2007 15:42  

awwwwwwwwwwwwwww poor u m8 hugs lol dont forget ur hotwater bottle next time daz lol

   Update Reply
RC @ 13/11/2007 16:11  

Sorry to one and all, I missed the meet :( The 'mostly together' bit of me wasn't! Next time....

   Update Reply
abctrev @ 13/11/2007 16:20  

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