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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Hastings Mayday Run 4-5-15

Hastings Mayday Run 4-5-15 - Forums [Biker Match] Hastings Mayday Run 4-5-15 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Hastings Mayday Run 4-5-15

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Mayday Run to Hastings.

The details for this are on the events calendar.

Going to take a small detour again this year down the A2100 through Battle.
DAVE VM @ 03/01/2015 16:06  

After I complained last year about working every bank holiday and this year was going to be the same, the boss changed the rota so i'm off on May Day.
Ragnar @ 03/01/2015 16:37  

Woo hoo Ragnar. Come and join the queue for fish and chips
Carolerd350 @ 03/01/2015 18:08  

Lets see if we can get served within an hour this time.
Ragnar @ 03/01/2015 18:17  

Will miss this one. Going to over the edge rally on the isle of wight again.
xj @ 03/01/2015 19:45  

i probably wont be on my bike but will get down there aas last year was great
biker_mummy @ 03/01/2015 20:56  

I will be going as usual!
Cheryl @ 04/01/2015 19:15  

I am unusual,and will be going.
ColinB @ 04/01/2015 19:38  

I can confirm that Colin IS very unusual I'll be going
AndySimmo @ 04/01/2015 22:33  

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DAVE VM @ 22/01/2015 09:39  

DAVE VM @ 03/03/2015 11:28  

And me
davidneale @ 07/03/2015 21:33  

I won't be going now as my daughters are taking me to The Ritz for tea. Might wear my leathers.
Carolerd350 @ 16/03/2015 19:17  

That's a shame Carol that you're not going to be queuing up fish & chips for a hour with us, but being served posh tea and cream cakes.
Ragnar @ 16/03/2015 19:43  

DAVE VM @ 30/03/2015 09:18  

Highlight of the day, queuing for Fish & Chips, just think what you will be missing out on Carole !!
DAVE VM @ 19/04/2015 21:41  

Oh yes, queing for fish n' chips, count me in, lol
Brathu @ 24/04/2015 07:41  

I might just join for the run, meeting up at the layby near Pembury would probably be easiest for me since I'd come down via the A228, I just need to figure out which of the laybys it is :)

I'm guessing it is the one between the A228 and the round-about that goes off to Tunbridge Wells Hospital? I'm making this guess purely based on the fact that google street view has a snack van parked up there
Owl101 @ 29/04/2015 18:30  

Heading south on A21, It is just after the roundabout at the top end of Pembury Bypass.
davidneale @ 29/04/2015 18:44  

That's the one Owl 101
Ragnar @ 29/04/2015 18:49  

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