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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Squires Egg Run 2015

Squires Egg Run 2015 (3) - Forums [Biker Match] Squires Egg Run 2015 (3) - Forums [Biker Match]
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Squires Egg Run 2015

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Blimey i got weather order VERY wrong!

I was wet to underwear... Errrmmm, sounds wrong but true!

An enjoyable ride out n good to see folk again.

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Lindsay @ 29/03/2015 19:13  

332 bikes and 40 marshals. good turn out for a wet and windy day.

   Update Reply
Vladamir @ 29/03/2015 20:02  

1423 eggs, £710 raised for air ambulance

   Update Reply
Vladamir @ 29/03/2015 20:51  

wheres all the pikis

   Update Reply
havfun @ 30/03/2015 12:08  

Can i take the opportunity to give a huge
to the Marshalls, who were fabulous, I loved the dancing and artistic finger pointing. Brilliant time, giggled all the way, even though the rain came down the Marshalls spirits were still not dampened.,

Well Done Guys & Gals!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 30/03/2015 16:29  

Nice one to everybody who braved the weather and the Marshalls for such a grand job :)

   Update Reply
Brummie Jackie @ 30/03/2015 16:37  

did anyone take any pikis as carnt find any on events thingy

   Update Reply
havfun @ 31/03/2015 09:14  

I didnt take any at all. My camera was in my back pack and so was an inch of water!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 31/03/2015 13:18  

Plenty of pics on here though ... Stu n Me are at 3991 ... hmmm, dodgy wave again!

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 31/03/2015 14:27  

Piccies now on events page

   Update Reply
Vladamir @ 31/03/2015 18:43  

The band was good too :>>

   Update Reply
Alice2 @ 31/03/2015 20:25  

 Posts: 51       Pages: 3/3

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