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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

New Year run to Rivington Barn

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New Year run to Rivington Barn

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Well I've just been kindly given a weeks free membership so it would be rude not to post something

Anybody fancy a New Year meet at Rivington, weather permitting? Sunday 4th January?
Imola72 @ 23/12/2014 08:47  

aye il be up for that. im only a few mile down the road from ther. it will be good to meet up with some more BMrs
the vtwin twin @ 24/12/2014 10:38  

lol same here, wish i'd signed up in the summer :) this site is cool as beans
pheelix2 @ 24/12/2014 11:56  

Be good to meet a few members, blow the cobwebs away with a brew & chat.
Imola72 @ 24/12/2014 13:20  

If I knew where this place is, I'd consider it??
TAB007 @ 24/12/2014 23:03  

Should be on the the events shortly, near Bolton, Lancashire
Imola72 @ 24/12/2014 23:26  

ill try get up there x
kaycat @ 24/12/2014 23:45  

Eh up TAB you can follow me there
GS George @ 25/12/2014 10:23  

Would love to of done it but won't be back in UK in time. Great biking place to meet taboo. I've done it on my 125. All have lovely time safe riding :0)
GUINNESS RIDER @ 26/12/2014 09:14  

if i dont get collerd for 4 pm shift like last 2 weeks then yes
havfun @ 26/12/2014 19:46  

If this sleet and snow keeps up, I will be up there over the weekend on the 250 it would be rude not to make the most out of this interesting weather
GS George @ 26/12/2014 22:51  

Rivington Hall BarnRivington Bolton Lancashire BL6 7SB

ducat @ 28/12/2014 08:42  

Stuie sez we can do this, yay! If anyone fancies setting off from Leeds area give me a shout n we can arrange a rendezvous point.
Lindsay @ 28/12/2014 19:06  

I should see you up there Lindsey Stuie, I was up there today a bit frostie but there was still a few bike's out though
GS George @ 28/12/2014 22:55  

Just checked the weather its gonna be dry on sunday. so no excuses not to get your bikes out now .or you can come in your cars haha
the vtwin twin @ 30/12/2014 14:59  

what times we going to meet ??
kaycat @ 30/12/2014 16:10  

any time is ok with me. il save a couple of table inside so we can all get a warm up haha
the vtwin twin @ 30/12/2014 19:20  

Hopefully knee and wrist will be better. If so will be there, anyone want to meet up for a ride over?
rowanblossom @ 30/12/2014 19:23  

When is this ride? Thursday or Sunday?
TAB007 @ 30/12/2014 20:22  

Sunday 4th
rowanblossom @ 30/12/2014 20:44  

 Posts: 65       Pages: 1/4

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