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General Chat/Anything Goes

How's the weather in your area?

How's the weather in your area? (116) - Forums [Biker Match] How's the weather in your area? (116) - Forums [Biker Match]
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How's the weather in your area?

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Heavy fog around Birmingham

   Update Reply
JP @ 17/12/2019 04:10  

Damp and chilly in Reading

   Update Reply
Mac Max @ 17/12/2019 08:42  

A foggy start around Tetbury,now just drizzle and gloomy skies..

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 17/12/2019 13:00  

Clear and bitterly cold but still went for a ride 😊

   Update Reply
Jollyrambler @ 17/12/2019 15:42  

Foggy and icy,just clearing skies now...brrr

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 18/12/2019 09:37  

Nice ride cool in to work this morning

   Update Reply
JP @ 20/12/2019 03:40  

Persisting down in Caerphilly South Wales

   Update Reply
JP @ 20/12/2019 07:07  

It's been a beautiful day here in Leeds. Blue skies and sunshine, a little nippy but nothing to complain about. 😁👍🏻

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 10/01/2020 15:58  

Bit frosty this morning

   Update Reply
JP @ 07/02/2020 03:55  

It's been another clear bright day, but flipping chilly here in G-Town.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 07/02/2020 20:18  

Gusting wind, and torrential rain. Followed by thunder and more wind and rain. A right miserable day so far.

Oo sun is coming out 🌤️ 😁

   Update Reply
Sandi @ 09/02/2020 14:04  

It's been an interesting day so far the weather has freaked out both cats, they are hiding under the throws on the bed At least the monsoon has abated and we now have beautiful blue skies and sunshine, just wish the wind would drop a little 🙄🤪

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 09/02/2020 14:36  

Wet, very wet indeed and lots of standing water on the roads and motorways in the Midlands

   Update Reply
JP @ 13/02/2020 04:27  

Almost tropical 😳... Well in all honesty it's more 🌨️⛈️rain forest than a tropical desert island 🏝️

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 17/02/2020 22:26  

Moist would be an understatement for Gloucestershire...and as the Severn is overflowing,hope the Lower Lode Inn escapes the worst...🌫🌧🏄

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 20/02/2020 22:44  

...and still the wind blows and the rain falls ... 🙄😟

Stay safe everyone.

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 21/02/2020 09:25  

While everyone else has had rain we,ve hardly had a drop, it seems to fizzle out before it gets here hence we have had a sunny but windy week and got out on the bike most days, another nice day today but will that last? Maybe not.

   Update Reply
yarg @ 21/02/2020 19:06  

Finally, the wind has dropped (yay!) Still got a breeze but at least things have calmed down a little👍🏻.

Blue skies and sunshine, beautiful day and I'm going for a stomp around the woods. 😊

   Update Reply
Lindsay @ 23/02/2020 12:39  

Sunny...but windier than 7 pints and a curry ...:)

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 23/02/2020 14:23  

Scattered showers all day,then a small blizzard this afternoon on the school run..make your mind up,stupid weather..

   Update Reply
jinx57 @ 25/02/2020 20:12  

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