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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

8th Annual Margate Melt down

8th Annual Margate Melt down - Forums [Biker Match] 8th Annual Margate Melt down - Forums [Biker Match]
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8th Annual Margate Melt down

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weather permitting, i'll be going.

might need to find someone to tag along with as i don't know the areas at all.
stumpy28 @ 03/05/2015 14:10  

and things have changed yet again ... we will make our minds up soon I promise!! ROFL

Main thing is we ARE going to be in Margate - as soon as we have decided how to do this I will let you know just in case anyone (other than @TAB) wants to travel together. If not we will see you there

Lindsay @ 07/05/2015 22:37  

OK I look forward to that
davidneale @ 07/05/2015 22:39  

All packed and ready to go to Loppem rally Belgium in the morning. I will try to get up on Monday and meet you at Neil's Café 10:30ish
bugsbunny @ 20/05/2015 23:53  

See you at Nell's David and Dave
Carolerd350 @ 23/05/2015 10:25  

Gutted I'm not going.

Have fun you lucky lucky people.
Ragnar @ 23/05/2015 10:44  

Right, we are all sorted for this... just booked a room for tomorrow night in Margate - so we can travel back at our leisure on Tuesday (Yippee!)

Not knowing the area, can you give me a clue where you may possibly be using as a rendezvous point please? The hotel we are staying at is near The Winter Gardens.

See you all tomorrow, we hope(!)

Lindsay @ 24/05/2015 14:43  

what time you setting off
and what time at margate estimated
havfun @ 24/05/2015 18:00  

Linz My mobile pm'd to you.
We will leave Nells cafe at 11-30 and arrive at Margate 12-30.
davidneale @ 24/05/2015 20:03  

I'm half tempted to get the Two Bob Bits and take the day off work, but I wouldn't get paid.
Ragnar @ 25/05/2015 07:47  

What did you decide in the end Chris?
davidneale @ 25/05/2015 08:45  

I'm at work
Ragnar @ 25/05/2015 08:50  

A good run down from The Ace, blue skies n sunshine on arrival in Margate.

Great to see some of the BM southern contingency. Thanks for the welcome guys.

Enjoyed looking around the bikes and soaking up the atmosphere. Shame we were the only representatives of the Northern (England) contingency but hey theres always next year.

All in all a fab time was had.
Lindsay @ 25/05/2015 17:28  

Was good to meet you GotBike. Enjoy the Margate nightlife. Lovely to meet up wth regulars too. When's the next event?
Carolerd350 @ 25/05/2015 19:12  

Hi all
Margate Meltdown 2015 pic's should be up for sale soon at :-
Hope that you all had a good day out :)

Brathu @ 25/05/2015 19:21  

Good to see everyone x x
lindaloki @ 25/05/2015 20:49  

It was a brilliant day and good that so many turned up. It was to see our friends Lindsea and Stuie who travelled down from the north the same day. Also bugsbunny for tagging this on the end of his holiday in europe. Sorry we didn't get to say goodbye to everyone.
davidneale @ 25/05/2015 22:46  

Another great day out thanks BM for posting the event. Good to meet some more new faces. Safely home and unpacked now see you all again soon.
bugsbunny @ 25/05/2015 23:05  

Thanks for the link Brathu. Where were you?
Carolerd350 @ 27/05/2015 08:50  

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