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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Scottish winter runs ?

Scottish winter runs ? - Forums [Biker Match] Scottish winter runs ? - Forums [Biker Match]
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Scottish winter runs ?

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So who's up for runs over winter or will I be doing them myself

Anyone got some places want to do a run to seeing as tourists have cleared off and all the part timers have their bikes tucked up over winter ?

Get autumn out the way with the leaves off the roads and a clear winters day is as good as summer. Just wrap up warm and get out to play

So who's out ????????

madscots @ 10/11/2014 17:33  

Me Me Me Me and sure a few others. How about a xmas day run?? Could then get out of family doo!!!! Haha. When everyone falls asleep after pud!
pink87 @ 10/11/2014 19:37  

I sure Mr Mike says he goes out all winter and wouldn't be surprised if holiday fan would go too although she needs to get some thermals!
pink87 @ 10/11/2014 19:39  

well your more mad than me lol

Least you got your own bike to play on and hats off to you on a 125. Just mind and take it slow and easy.

madscots @ 10/11/2014 20:33  

What's a part timer?
TAB007 @ 10/11/2014 23:29  

TAB a part timer is just that. A part time rider they only ride in the summer there bike gets tucker away in the garage from end of Oct till mid April
JP @ 11/11/2014 07:24  

Hell yeah, I'm up for winter runs

Sure my first runs with BM were December last year

I'll drag Sharon out on any runs too - assuming we can find enough clothes to keep her from freezing!
MrMike @ 11/11/2014 10:23  

Any interest in a New Year's Day run?

Would need to check which fuel stations and coffee places were going to be open.....
MrMike @ 11/11/2014 10:24  

New Years run I'd be up for that and Green welly should be open.

madscots @ 11/11/2014 10:51  

Count me in on runs as long can get trike back on road :-))
Samo68 @ 11/11/2014 11:12  

How are ya fella ?

I don't have your moby number so been hearing everything through Mo
madscots @ 11/11/2014 11:19  

I quite enjoy a run in the winter sunshine. Sunday preferably.
dustin666 @ 11/11/2014 11:30  

Mads don't be rediculous. I'll need a back seat please. Anyone???
pink87 @ 11/11/2014 17:31  

your on the trike at the back so we can't hear ya lol
madscots @ 11/11/2014 18:21  

your on the trike at the back so we can't hear ya lol
madscots @ 11/11/2014 18:21  

Ho ho ho ho! Belly achin'. Buy your own breakfast!!!! Ha ha.
pink87 @ 11/11/2014 18:36  

lol you are the one wanting advice nae me

Sure someone be happy to take you on next run looks to be New Years day at this rate lol
madscots @ 11/11/2014 18:46  

Green Welly is closed on New Year's Day

MrMike @ 11/11/2014 21:21  

Looks like it's a picnic then!
pink87 @ 11/11/2014 22:16  

I'm more worried about petrol stations

For the ladies I guess somewhere to cuddle a hot cuppa to defrost their hands might be considered equally important..

I'm going to see if I can find out if petrol stations in Moffat are open, and may look at a borders run (hopefully minus sheep collisions!)

MrMike @ 11/11/2014 23:15  

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