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Training Standards.

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Training Standards.

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In “RiDE” magazine (November 2014 edition), deputy editor Simon Weir described his frustration when he discovered that a friend of his had passed her motorcycle riding test last year “…without using her front brake. And, as a result, she’d spent her first year on two wheels feeling out of control and scared rigid.” “She’d gone through the entire learning process and been given a licence despite struggling against the fear that the bike was running away from her - because it was. [My emphasis.] She didn’t have full control,” reported Simon, pointing out that neither her instructor nor her examiner appeared to have noticed her “front-brake denial” or attempted to rectify it. Since passing her test, she’d applied her front brake just once - on a wet mini-roundabout. Having not been trained how to use it, she’d consequently fallen off at 10 mph, which made her even less inclined to touch the handlebar lever on the offside of her bike. Simon, an Advanced Instructor himself, managed to correct her problem within about 20 minutes. But, as he stated in his closing paragraph, “…this should never be allowed to happen. Many instructors are very good and don’t let it happen… but I’ve seen this before, often enough to be worried. Every advanced instructor has. Motorcycling won’t thrive if we give licences to people who aren’t ready.”

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Deleted Member @ 18/10/2014 13:48  

The text has the look and feel that it has been copied of another site. If not the I apologise.

If it has, can you credit the person that wrote the article please. Cheers.

A good article tho. And I agree with his/her view.

Back in time in a land far far away I could spend as much time as I liked as a learner. there was no training. we learned as we rode. and took a test when we felt ready. pressure from cost and peers don't allow that now. 8-)

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bluesbiker @ 18/10/2014 15:10  

No, Bluesy. I quoted Simon Weir of "RiDE" extensively, but the rubbish outside the quotation marks is mine, all mine (which is why I indicated that the phrase "because it was" was emphasised by me and not Simon). Still, I should take it as a compliment in that you may have believed my post was composed by a professional! The original article is on page 12 of the November 2014 issue of "RiDE", but - as far as I know - it hasn't appeared on the 'net as I post (18/10/2014). Cheers.

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Deleted Member @ 18/10/2014 15:32  

Bluesbiker, you'll get use to Val's head of knowledge, I just love it!

Val, that was love your knowledge, not love you....before you get carried away PP lol

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Deleted Member @ 18/10/2014 17:28  

Should have added,he's someone you could sit around with for hours chatting :)

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Deleted Member @ 18/10/2014 17:29  

I find it hard to belive you could pass the emergency braking test without using your front brake. You would lock the rear wheel or just sail out of the stopping zone.

PC Please feel free to sit down and talk to him for hours so we dont have to lol

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JP @ 19/10/2014 10:46  

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