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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out


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I'm not going to make this one now.
Ragnar @ 06/10/2014 18:15  

and I was going to buy you a mega breakfast and ice cream and coffee and sweets and all the drinks you wanted all day long
stutts @ 06/10/2014 19:46  

dont know brighton where you all meeting hopefully il be at stonycross newforrest friday/sat can bob along to brton its not far on the map where is ace cafe would like to see it on way down all i know is its london way is it easy to find
havfun @ 06/10/2014 20:27  

hey havfun ,ill be leaving Southampton about 9 sunday morning can meet up on way ,and meeting others at brighton around 11 ish
stutts @ 06/10/2014 20:38  

okay we now have a main meeting point ,,,thanks to andy,,,Kingstone layby on a27 near lewes at around 9.30 and then on to brighton,,,,,, all welcome,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,including xj
stutts @ 06/10/2014 21:50  

Hey Stutts, I didn't say anything about inviting xj !!!!!!!! Suppose it'll be OK as long a someone brings his straight jacket along ;)
AndySimmo @ 07/10/2014 11:54  

Bet he's going to be demanding "Jelly Babies" as well !!!
DAVE VM @ 07/10/2014 12:43  

I think that should be jelly baby you tight fisted old fart.
xj @ 07/10/2014 13:14  

Less of the old, even though i am older than you,
DAVE VM @ 08/10/2014 10:14  

You're older then god Dave
Ragnar @ 08/10/2014 10:37  

Thank you for your kind words Chris, much appreciated!!
DAVE VM @ 08/10/2014 10:48  

that meens im a young wipersnaper then
havfun @ 08/10/2014 14:31  

I'll meet up at Kingston roundabout. Possibly a sausage brekky at the van!

ColinB @ 08/10/2014 17:56  

Mandiecbr is going to meet me in Brentwood and then xj at Maidstone services, then on to Lewes. What time xj?
Carolerd350 @ 08/10/2014 19:12  

carol xj said be there at 4.30 am for an early start
stutts @ 08/10/2014 21:44  

I was thinking of going last month nick.
xj @ 09/10/2014 17:19  

Not far off actually Stutts. It's silly o'clock start.
Carolerd350 @ 09/10/2014 18:29  

Weep Weep Weep.

I'll going to be at work.
Ragnar @ 09/10/2014 19:01  

will see you all sunday

havfun @ 10/10/2014 22:41  

never seen so meny bikes
they were still arriveing at 2 30 pm
was a good day
havfun @ 12/10/2014 20:40  

 Posts: 51       Pages: 2/3

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