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Biker match trackday

Biker match trackday - Forums [Biker Match] Biker match trackday - Forums [Biker Match]
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Biker match trackday

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Aww, (pats JP on the head, kindly)
double six @ 07/09/2014 23:19  

Dont have a leather jacket 8-(
Stuie. @ 09/09/2014 22:21  

I did a novice track day once (ultra novice), so i'd be interested to do another one, but one which has some instruction element to it .. (she says very cautiously!). Any suggestions for that would be great ..
Biker_chic @ 14/09/2014 18:56  

Biker chic, focused events do some good instruction. And as I know a few instructors I can vouch for it aswell. But one of the best was jammie whitams school at Angelesy, top bsb instructors. Few people on track and loads of tracktime.
SPESH @ 15/09/2014 17:29  

Thank you Spesh ... much appreciated I'll check out their website.
Biker_chic @ 15/09/2014 20:20  

Right been checking some dates out for a possible final blast of the year. Hows about 5th october at ..........wait for it.........Mallory. No limit trackdays date, 110 squids give or take a penny. (109.99),
3 groups, so novice/inters/fast (might go in inters, erhem)
103Db static test, so anyone with a baffless exhaust could be on the limit there. Standard cans no issues. I would take tools if you wanted to remove mirrors etc from road bikes. I shall check to see if anything else planned on me extensive (I wish) social calender lol

SPESH @ 18/09/2014 17:27  

Or then again there Oulton on the 17th October.
99 squid, 102 db static. Awesome track, then again I might do both yay
SPESH @ 18/09/2014 17:29  

Sadly i can't do the first weekend of October, and Oulton I know scares me too much, all that banking isn't good for a novice who has enough to think about already and would like to stay on!!.. So I'll have to wait for an easier track to come up. Shame as I know you said that Mallory was a good one for beginners.
Biker_chic @ 19/09/2014 07:58  

Go on biker chic, you know you want to ;-)
SPESH @ 19/09/2014 18:23  

ERRRR ...... "Oulton Park has to be one of the most challenging circuits in Europe both feared and revered by even the British Superbike riders."
Biker_chic @ 20/09/2014 00:21  

'ERRRR ...... "Oulton Park has to be one of the most challenging circuits in Europe both feared and revered by even the British Superbike riders." '

Yeah but think of the challange, and knowing at the end of the day you've done it
SPESH @ 20/09/2014 08:40  

Is that where you turned gardener to inspect the grass Spesh ??
JP @ 20/09/2014 08:47  

JPHarley .. well that fills me with total confidence !!!! :-) LOL !! Spesh never mentioned that he turned his bike into a lawnmower there !!

Biker_chic @ 20/09/2014 10:33  

No that was Cadwell, Croft and Mallory.
Biker-chic don't you listen to JP lol, and technically Croft was me getting caught up in someones elses accident. after I had a good start aswell.
SPESH @ 20/09/2014 10:55  

Biker chick Spesh just did what he does best. Went fast then thought I can do that faster lol .
JP @ 20/09/2014 12:13  

Err JP how long to do a headlight bulb?
Told you can change a race bike engine in that time lol
SPESH @ 20/09/2014 13:49  

Im to fat to do the simple jobs on my bikes that's why it took 2 hours and 6 toasted crumpets to change the Bulbs. Not forgetting grumpy tom who I kicked out of bed to finish off my failed attempt at a bulb change lol
JP @ 20/09/2014 14:05  

Still happy to come and support from the side lines :)
Brummie Jackie @ 22/09/2014 10:28  

Ah buggar just realised I forgot my wallet as was going to book these today,
Check list, bring wallet to work.
Change the bikes tyres.......bring it on
SPESH @ 25/09/2014 16:58  

Ooh just managed to book Mallory for the 5th October, Inters group so anyone wanting to come get your name on the list
SPESH @ 25/09/2014 17:17  

 Posts: 69       Pages: 2/4

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