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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Masquerade Ball or School Prom Night 2015

Masquerade Ball or School Prom Night 2015 - Forums [Biker Match] Masquerade Ball or School Prom Night 2015 - Forums [Biker Match]
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Masquerade Ball or School Prom Night 2015

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I'm waiting

JP @ 08/09/2014 21:04  

For what? the first stroke of the cane, you are just a bloody perv mate! Welcome to the club!
double six @ 08/09/2014 21:06  

Me I am just a lawnmower you can tell me by the way I walk.
JP @ 08/09/2014 21:19  

Is this still in the to do pile Bj ?
JP @ 16/10/2014 23:08  

I still say St Trinians is the way forward! baggsie me Flash Harry.
double six @ 16/10/2014 23:10  

If D6 flashes, I'm outa here!

Howzabout fancy dress with masks, but no theme, anything goes?
XKLYBR @ 17/10/2014 19:25  

Am working on it lol but some folks have moaned about it being Midlands based, have explined yet again !!!! that thats cos i live here lol
Brummie Jackie @ 20/10/2014 10:05  

Tell them to organise their own if they want to have it near them! Some folk want their cake and eat it, they should grateful you take the time and effort to organise anything. I don't see many more doing what the Birmingham mafia organise.
double six @ 20/10/2014 10:09  

Thats cuz were special. And I want my cake and eat it aswell

JP @ 20/10/2014 12:32  

Well why am I not surprized that JP wants his cake and eat it? lol
double six @ 20/10/2014 13:24  

Yes a bit like a Birthday Cake that has been hidden out of sight
JP @ 20/10/2014 17:20  

Birthday cake? I haven't had any birthday cake either.

double six @ 20/10/2014 17:23  

There is cake everywhere today
JP @ 20/10/2014 17:37  

Bumped for BJ

Just touting for ideas at the moment.

Looking to do something as a night out for all for all those who want to join in, so couple of ideas at the moment are a Masquerade Ball or a School Prom kind of night, how do you guys feel about either of those or have you any other ideas?

Also would you be happy to do it in the Summer, bearing in mind Rallies etc or would a different part of the year be better?
JP @ 08/11/2014 17:48  

Newest suggestion is Vicars and Tarts :)
Brummie Jackie @ 09/11/2014 19:19  

St. Tinian's night. Phwoar.
dustin666 @ 09/11/2014 20:41  

This should be a good night out just hope they all end up in the right rooms at the end of the night lol
JP @ 13/11/2014 12:55  

Any dates for this yet?
rowanblossom @ 28/11/2014 00:00  

i could do with dates sooner rather than to do list is getting a bit bigger than my holiday entitlement...

don't think you can compete with my brothers offer though... snowbombing in austria at easter...

st trinians as fancy dress??? jeez that could get quite scary... most of the fellas on here dont mind applying boobs and tights and suitably glitzy dresses lol
mizzi @ 28/11/2014 23:46  

And even worse, they usually look better in them there outfits than us girlies!!!!!
rowanblossom @ 28/11/2014 23:47  

 Posts: 108       Pages: 3/6

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