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General Chat/Anything Goes

On which bike did you pass your test?

On which bike did you pass your test? - Forums [Biker Match] On which bike did you pass your test? - Forums [Biker Match]
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On which bike did you pass your test?

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This is the first time I’ve submitted a topic, and I do so with trepidation, since the subject excludes contributions from pillions. Additionally, I believe that members of the Armed Forces did/do not have to take a motorcycle test under certain circumstances. As a newbie, I have no entitlement to put forward agendas, but allow me to outline my ideas on this subject. I think that just posting “Suzuki 250” or “Honda 125” and leaving at that is a little, well, lacking in detail. So perhaps you could inform us of why you chose that particular model, or how reliable it was, or the year you passed, or how much trade-in you received for your “L”-plater when you part-exchanged it for a Van Veen Wankel… little items which may be of interest to the readership of this site. Marks will be deducted for inacurate speeling. I got through in 1974 on a Honda C90, reg HTB 88K, purchased for seventy-five quid from a (fairly-reputable) car dealer at the age of 17. Up to then I had very little interest in motorcycling and saw the C90 as a cheap way of getting to and from work. It was that and much, much more. Soon I was riding on 80-mile circular weekend trips. Reliable as the Honda was, though, it struck me that if I wanted to go much further on a regular basis I’d need a bigger bike, and if any gurlie needed a pillion ride on the larger machine it would be desirable if I could transport her legally. Hence my test application.Every so often - even ten years afterwards - someone or other would inform me with absolute certainty that my test pass wasn’t valid because the C90 didn’t have a clutch lever. That may be the legal position now (I don’t know) but it certainly wasn’t then.I could’ve ridden anything up to 250cc on an “L” plate in those days, but I think I was right to take the test when I did. The trouble is that I’ve never had the slightest desire to drive a car after riding that little Honda. And it was the only bike I’ve ever owned that I’ve managed to get off the clock- when I was riding down a fairly steep hill, the speedo tried desperately to register past its 60 mph limit but the needle had nowhere else to go… PS- It was also faster than the Honda SS 50 owned by the 16-year-old spotty lad next door.

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Deleted Member @ 11/08/2014 21:31  

I rode about on a series of old "nails" for 10 years

Could never be certain whether the bike would be roadworthy for the test

So I treated myself to a shiny new Benelli 250 2C

It got me through my test but bought in August of 1974 & was scrap by October

One of the nicest little bikes I've ever ridden

Shame it didn't last

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Emzed @ 11/08/2014 21:46  

An MZ125. A basic East German bike, first cousin to the BSA Bantam but with some sound engineering despite the utilitarian image. Just Google Walter Kaaden for more info.
35 years or so after I had the bike, three things stick in my mind.
There were the tyres. Made by Barum in Communist days, before Barum was reborn as the budget brand of Continental. The compound was so hard it felt more like plastic, but at least the tyres had a good chance of outlasting the rest of the bike. But never, ever, ride in the rain on old-style Barums. Or not if you value clean underpants.
Then there were the front brakes. Even when set up properly, the front drums on a 1970s MZ left a lot to be desired. Neglect them, and sooner or later you'll come to the proverbial squeaky bum moment. A magazine review at the time said that while it was always good to plan your braking ahead, with the MZ it was best to use a calendar!
The usual fix was to swap the front end from one of the small Hondas, complete with disc brake set-up. Never got round to it myself, I've been assured it's a complete cure.
And finally, there was the seat. I live in south Liverpool, and by the time I got to the Runcorn Bridge about eight miles away on the MZ, numb bum would set in. I've done 800 miles a day on big BMW tourers and still been more comfortable than on the MZ after eight miles.
But it served its purpose, and people shoot me knowing looks when I start making 'brrimmm....bim...bim...bim...' noises at MZ stands at various classic shows.

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Wills @ 11/08/2014 21:50  

A Honda 125...sorry..... But that was because I couldn'tget the direct access bike off the centre stand (or back on it) once it was lowered. That was two years ago.

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rowanblossom @ 11/08/2014 21:51  

rs 100 blue one

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kaycat @ 11/08/2014 21:52  

but had one of there till thy changed the law

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kaycat @ 11/08/2014 21:55  

A Honda Benley 200 V reg in Nov 1981 :-)

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shelleygirl @ 11/08/2014 22:06  

suzuki gs125

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zzrbabe42 @ 11/08/2014 22:09  

I pasted on a Suzuki TS125ERZ and went out a got a Honda CB250RS like Kaycat's but in blue

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Ragnar @ 11/08/2014 22:15  

Honda CB400 - Learned with BSM at Wheels park in Birmingham. Did my first DAS with CBT who were based at Donnington Park - Instructor was sean hayes who I believe does, or used to, write for BIKE magazine. First test on a Bandit but failed with foot down on U turn.

I loved the learning part of biking, met some great people, never liked to be the lead bike of the three though.

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VFR800AJ @ 11/08/2014 22:20  

Passed my test on a Honda XL125 but had been riding a Suzuki DR750 for a while. In the good old days police didn't have number plate recognition or the PNC.

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SlowGoose @ 11/08/2014 22:24  

Its about time someone started a decent thread Well done that man.
1st bike I owned was a Royal Enfield 350 Bullet. 1st road legal bike was a BSA Bantam 175cc

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JP @ 11/08/2014 22:32  

Took my test on a honda wet dream


Looked and sounded just like the big bikes but went just like well erm it wernt fast.

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Deleted Member @ 11/08/2014 23:39  

thats funny slowgoose cos i did the same lol didnt pass my test til 93 but had been riding a gsx750 and a z400 since i was about 16 pmsl

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zzrbabe42 @ 12/08/2014 05:46  

Passed on a Honda CG125 but learned mainly on an RSX100 (like KC's!!) which I loved

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Joey05 @ 12/08/2014 06:10  

yammy fs1e many many years back

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Deleted Member @ 12/08/2014 08:53  

haha it had the speed blocks on the tank side as we called em go faster stripes but it didn't go any faster

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Deleted Member @ 12/08/2014 08:53  

You passed your motorcycle test on a moped, dix?
I didn't know that was permitted, although there was a separate moped test that vitually no-one bothered taking...

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Deleted Member @ 12/08/2014 19:20  

I bought a Kawasaki kmx 125to take my test used it for approx. 3 mths

then upgraded to a en 500

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countclawed @ 12/08/2014 19:37  

I had a honda ss50 so I borrowed my mates kawasaki kh100 for my test. first "big bike" was a honda 400-4

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Vladamir @ 12/08/2014 19:43  

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