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Motorcycle Events & Rides Out

Southern Softie's Christmas Dinner

Southern Softie's Christmas Dinner - Forums [Biker Match] Southern Softie's Christmas Dinner - Forums [Biker Match]
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Southern Softie's Christmas Dinner

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with both dave and andy there i am afraid there may not be much left
xj @ 13/08/2014 18:21  

Not for you lot no lol

JP @ 13/08/2014 18:31  

Bagsie any desserts going spare !!!!
Brummie Jackie @ 14/08/2014 12:32  

If you northerners keep dave while he is up there we can avert any potential food crisis.
xj @ 14/08/2014 12:57  

Can i sit next to Rag pretty please?
Brummie Jackie @ 19/08/2014 13:22  

It would have to be a very long table BJ, I haven't got my name down.
Ragnar @ 19/08/2014 19:02  

hey ragnar if youre going im coming too was good last year.
stutts @ 19/08/2014 23:16  

But Rag you have to go .................
Brummie Jackie @ 20/08/2014 09:34  

DvaeVW's original post says Southern Softies Christmas Dinner on Saturday 6th December at the Toby Carvery in Eastbourne, the same place as we had it last year. There is a Travelodge next door to the Carvery for anyone who wants to stay over. We are at this time looking for somewhere to go after the Dinner so that we can find some live music and have a boogie. I am looking to make the booking at the Carvery by October 1st, so i will need to know who will be coming, there is a £5 non-refundable booking deposit at the Carvery, i will pay this initially for anyone who i won't see until the evening, then reimbursement would be greatly appreciated.
Brummie Jackie @ 20/08/2014 17:25  

Due to popular demand, I've booked the weekend off from work and next week when I get paid i'll book my hotel.
Ragnar @ 20/08/2014 18:55  

TRUST ME we went clubbing ,well sort of last year after dinner and there is no where open except a sheebeen
stutts @ 20/08/2014 21:31  

Rag that's my seat sorted then :)
Brummie Jackie @ 20/08/2014 21:59  

Is it Christmas yet?????????????????
AndySimmo @ 26/08/2014 21:37  

Only XXXX days to go wahooooo
Brummie Jackie @ 27/08/2014 10:04  

oi i live 35 miles from eastbourne in sunny hastings AND WE HAVE A BIKER PUB CALLED CARLISLE ya know :)
kamagira @ 31/08/2014 04:09  

just to confirm i will grace you with my all compassing prescense and i have table manners its just.. i am veggie and will eat all YOUR GREENS xx :P
kamagira @ 31/08/2014 04:10  

I've booked my hotel with a special request for my room not to be near BJ.

At the moment it £33 for the room, so anyone who hasn't booked yet better get in quick.
Ragnar @ 31/08/2014 19:28  

Rag you bring tears to my eyes and a heaviness to my heart :(
Brummie Jackie @ 31/08/2014 22:18  

i live in hastings and can offer free lodgings in my lounge very comfy red n black leather corner unit room for 1 person and airbed for another 2 if pushed save cash book at evies lol xxx
kamagira @ 01/09/2014 06:26  

Room booked
passenger @ 06/09/2014 10:51  

 Posts: 218       Pages: 3/11

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